Best Android Spy App for Parents 

Parenting has become so much demanded and today it has been changed into to digital parenting. The activities of the children over the years have been migrated to the web because of having access of internet and personal android mobile phone devices. Therefore, kids and teens almost have been left play grounds and many others extra –curricular activities, but to spend time on their digital android phones and gadgets. Usually, parents don’t realize and feel happy that their children are always love to stay home most of the time but don’t realize about their reasons.  Today, teens and kids are obsessed with the social media apps, online dating apps, get access to the adult content and often face bullies online. In addition, all these activities can harm teens physically, emotionally and psychologically. Now over the years since parents have become tech –savvy and they also use android mobile phone connected to the cyberspace they have become surprised and concerned as well. Therefore, parents these desperately want to monitor kid’s android devices by getting their hands on the best android spy app for digital parenting. Let’s discuss how parents can do it. 

How to get Android spy software for parenting? 

If you are parents and you feel very anxious when your kids spend too much on android cell phone and gadgets. So, you want to monitor kid’s activities on their mobile phones. Simply, take a deep breath gone are the days when you just make hypothesis, now you can use your personal digital device connected to the internet. Just perform the following mentioned steps and get the job done. 

Step1: Subscribe for Android spy app for parenting online

The very first job you need to do once you have visited the official web page of the mobile phone spy app for android using your personal device browser. Furthermore, subscribe for cell phone spy software and check email box to get the credentials in terms of passcode and ID. 

Step2: Get Physical access on Android device 

Now take the target android phone into your own hands for a while and start the installation process. When you have completed the installation process go for the activation on the target android cell phone or gadget. Take the further step ahead to get access to the online control panel. 

Step3: Use Credentials to get access to electronic web portal 

You can use the credentials such as passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel where you can further visit the cell phone spy app for android tools. These tools enable you to track android cell phone of your kids with complete accuracy and efficiency.  Let’s discuss all the android monitoring app tools that allow you to get the digital parenting job done to the fullest. 

Use Android spying software tools for online parenting

Live Screen recording 

End user can remotely get access to the target android mobile phone and allow user to record live screen in terms of back to back short videos. All you can do that with live screen recorder app and you can visit the electronic web portal where you can see the live recorded videos. User can record the screen of the Android in terms of live chrome screen recording, SMS, Email, social media and applied digits and patterns passwords. 

IM’s logs without rooting android 

End user can get access to the target android mobile phone and allow user to get the social media apps logs running on the target device without rooting. User can get the logs of instant messaging apps on android in terms of messages, conversations, shared media photos, videos and last but not the least Voice messages. 

Call recording 

End user can remotely record live incoming and outgoing android phone calls in real –time using android secret call recorder. In addition, user can also store the live call recorded data into the web portal. 

Text messages monitoring 

User can remotely read the sent received messages on target android mobile phone using text messages spy app. Furthermore, user can monitor SMS, MMS and heads up notifications. 


Cell phone monitoring app for android is the best tool for parenting that empowers you to get access to the target device and let you to know more about app visit theonespy review.


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