5 Reasons to Love Leather Furniture


Leather is always considered a valuable commodity because of its many desirable properties. When used to make furniture, leather has the appearance of elegance and luxury. Over the years, innovation and processing techniques gave leather furniture a bad reputation. Nowadays, most furniture that claims to be leather is likely not made from 100% premium cowhide.

If you are looking for high-quality leather furniture for your family room, the first thing you need to do is check the reputation of the manufacturer. Familiarize yourself with terminology furniture makers use so that you can identify which furniture is made from genuine leather, and which is merely synthetic. By ensuring that you invest only in top-quality furniture, you can expect the following benefits.

Exceptional appearance and quality

Authentic leather furniture looks excellent. Over time and with proper care, the surface will develop a natural patina, which gives it a vintage look and feel. Genuine leather has a luxurious feel and adjusts to the temperature of your skin. However, leather is not for everyone, and it does require a bit of care and maintenance.

Optimum comfort

Ordinary fabric furniture is not always built to last. Unlike fabric that will eventually lose its shape and fade, leather will maintain its appearance even after a long time of regular use. Contrary to the misconception of many people, leather is a breathable material which means that regardless of the weather, it will remain comfortable to sit on.


A piece of good-quality leather furniture will outlast a fabric counterpart by at least four times. The flexibility of leather makes it resistant to scratching and tears. If you have young children or pets, leather furniture is a more durable choice. Leather is easier to clean than fabric, but you will need to keep it away from direct sunlight. From time to time, you may also want to apply a leather conditioner to keep the material pliable and soft.

Versatile style

Leather furniture comes in a variety of styles, depending on your preference. Genuine leather can be dyed in different colors, which means you can easily find a piece that will fit your home’s décor. Neutral colors are preferable, however, so that the furniture will last through the years and match changes you may make to your interior décor over time.

The natural markings found on leather also gives it a unique appearance, which means that the piece you buy is one of a kind.

What about the cost?

One of the main reasons why genuine leather furniture is not always the first choice for many people is the cost. Yes, it is indeed more expensive to buy a leather sofa than a similar one made with fabric, but the trade-off is significant. Imagine buying a piece of furniture that will last four times longer than its fabric counterpart? That is exceptional value for money worth considering. Buying furniture is an investment, and if you want to make the most out of your purchase, leather is no doubt a great choice.

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