Tennis Court Playground and the Cleaning of turfs

Synthetic turf is as appreciated as natural turf. More often used as flooring for playgrounds such as tennis courts, it is exposed to wear. As for the benefits, it requires no regular gardening work, and also excludes mowing. By cons, to keep his good performance, it is essential to follow some advice. Here’s all you need to know about maintaining a synthetic grass court.

Dry Cleaning

Synthetic turf is often exposed to dust and different kinds of waste. Faced with this problem, dry cleaning is the first step to take. The use of a rake or broom with soft bristles is enough to rid the court of all kinds of dirt. It is then advisable to choose a plastic model to avoid damaging the grass. Depending on the means, a blower is also very effective to perform this task in no time. For 먹튀검증 this is important now.

A Jet Of Water For A Thorough Cleaning

Passing water over an artificial turf may be considered inappropriate. Yet there is nothing better to dust off the entire surface. Aside from cleaning, this procedure will return grass to its original color. If ever the grass is stubbornly stained, it is possible to use soapy water and especially to rinse well afterwards. This action can be done regularly to preserve the shine of the fake turf. Also, too aggressive products should be avoided, to avoid degrading the quality of these artificial herbs.

Brushing To Give Life Back

Contrary to popular belief, it turns out that brushing a synthetic grass court is necessary for proper maintenance. To do this, brush the artificial grass, once or twice a year maximum. This allows you to enjoy strands and a nice regularity. The polypropylene brush will serve this purpose.

The Choice Of The Right Products

Grass being synthetic, the use of chemicals is not recommended, especially those available in supermarkets. It should also be noted that pesticides and weed killers are detrimental to the appearance and quality of artificial grass courts. Ancestral methods and natural products are better alternatives for controlling pests and that, without corrupting the turf.

Weeding Is Required

It is not because the grass is artificial that we no longer think of weeding. Unfortunately, weeds can find their way into the geotextile to mingle with synthetic turf. It would be imperative to tear them to the roots before even laying a carpet of turf. However, it is possible to use the weed spray. It is advisable to do preventive treatment once or twice a year. If weeding has not occurred previously, a biodegradable or diluted herbicide in a little water may be used later. This solution is possible only twice a year maximum.

Maintenance Methods During The Snow And Ice Season

For fear of damaging the fibers, we may be tempted to do nothing in the winter. It should be noted, however, that cleaning and maintenance ensure good ground handling during a special event. Clearing would then be the ultimate solution if the court is to be available in snowy weather.


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