The Strategy Behind Wireless Charging Placement

Welcome to 2019, where you can just set your phone down on a little pad for a bit while you go do something else, come back, and the phone is charged. This is a far cry from when we were constantly lugging around various types of chargers for all the different kinds of flip phones that we used to have. Keep that phone charged was incredibly difficult because everyone only had that one charger and it was completely unique to the phone you had.

Now that we are here, in 2019, we can have wireless chargers strategically placed around our home for our own comfort, but also the comfort of our guests. I have devised some thoughtful strategies for you as you consider where to place your various wireless chargers around your home.

Your desk – One thing to consider when it comes to wireless charging is that it takes long for the charge to fill your phone’s battery, so what better place to really let your phone charge than your desk. When you are at your desk, you are right in front of your laptop, so anything that you would need to do on your phone, you can easily do on your laptop, even texting people from a computer is a fairly common feature for all modern smartphones. Sit down, set your phone on the charger and get to work.

Your nightstand – This one seems obvious, but worth mentioning. While you are sleeping is a great time to charge your phone, and the slower charge time isn’t an issue. The other big benefit is rather than having to reach and stretch just to stay within cord length to check something on your phone before you fall asleep, or dropping your phone in the morning because you grabbed it as you were waking up and pulled too far… you’ll have easy access from the wireless charger.

Your kitchen – If you love to cook then you are most likely constantly looking up recipes on your phone and reading them while you are cooking. In order to do this effectively, you have to set your phone not to shut off the screen every five minutes, so that you don’t have to keep touching it with your dirty hands. This DRAINS battery. Lucky for you, they have wireless charging stands, so your phone can stay on, you can keep looking at recipes, all the while charging it back to 100%.

Your living room side table – This one might be the big surprise. If you have wireless charging on your phone than most of your friends most likely have it on their phones as well. When your friends come over to hang out, why not give them an easy place in the living room, while everyone is chattering, to get some charge for their phones. You’ll also find yourself using it while you watch TV on the couch. The one addition I would make to this one is that if are going to put a wireless charger in the middle of your living room, you should probably make sure that it looks nice. There are some companies, like this one that sell wireless chargers that look like a work of art more than a charging gadget.

These are just a couple of ideas for you as you design and decorate your living area. Of course there are other options as well, but this guide was meant to at least open your eyes to the idea that you don’t just have to get one wireless charger and carry it around with you, set your home up with a few. Trust me, they’re not going out of style anytime soon.

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