5 Great Tips to get the best solutions from Ottawa web design agency

Are you worried about the high bounce rate of your website? Do you want to reduce your website bounce rate? If you are getting consistent traffic to your business site, but not getting conversions as the visitors leave your website, then your should check your website for the bounce rate. A poor bounce rate may be hurting your online sales. It can be a good idea to hire the best Ottawa web design agency to help you check the site and decrease the bounce rate.

There can be several issues that may be contributing to a high bounce rate such as confusing web layouts, slow loading pages, outdated aesthetics, and more. Once you discover the problems with your site, you can rectify them and maximize your conversion rate. We’ve listed top 5 web design tips for your business:

  1. Faster loading times

The first and the foremost Ottawa web design tip for improving your website conversion rate is to improve the loading time of your web pages. Your visitors would not like to wait for more than 3 seconds for the pages to load. Hence, check all the web pages and make sure that they load faster so that you don’t lose customers.

  1. Include social sharing buttons

It can be a good idea to add social media buttons on your website to encourage the users to share your blogs on their profiles. This will promote brand awareness and encourage the people to share your posts on their social profiles.

  1. Use colors effectively

Playing around with colors is fine, but you should be wise enough to use them effectively and the color contrasts you pick should complement your brand offerings and products. Look for the right Ottawa web design company to help you choose the best color schemes for your business site.

  1. Eye-catchy and unique images

Visuals play a major role in the success of any website. Make sure that web designers you hire make use of the best quality and unique images that grab the attention of the users. Invest in high quality product photography clicked by professionals to create a lasting impression on the users.

  1. Provide contact information

Users may be pissed off if they are unable to find the contact information when they may have to contact you in case of queries or doubts. Site owners and designers should create a separate contact us page and place the postal address, email ID, phone number, and other contact details on the page. You can also provide a contact form so that the users can contact you by filling up all the details.

Hire an expert Ottawa web designer to help you get the best solutions no matter what your requirements may be. Do some research and hire the best designers to help you get the best ROI.

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