Steps To Planning Your Engagement Party 

Just got engaged? That calls for a celebration. Our engagement party checklist will help you affirm you have everything covered. The party, though it comes before the main event, is an avenue to share with family and friends the sweet news. It can be as formal or stunning as you desire. Below are some items on the checklist to put into consideration.

Planning An Engagement Party 


  • Setting a date


While we want you to enjoy the ecstasy of the newly-engaged life, we would not want you to fall victim of the one trap that a lot of couples fall into “setting a date”. If your engagement a within a year plus consider the first three months and if it will be longer, six months and around will be suitable for the engagement party.


  • Guestlist


Before choosing a venue, know how many people you would want present, is it a closed celebration or for all family and friends? Also, note that your engagement party does not dictate who will be invited to your actual wedding as the couples of today are fast changing the trend. It could be a more significant engagement party and small wedding or vice versa. Focus more on doing what you want to celebrate the happy day with your favourite people regardless. 


  • Venue


With a settled list, a site may already be on your mind(your parents’ back yard, a beach, your favourite bar or pub, a park or restaurant). Your engagement is basically about celebrating you, so keep it light and don’t upstage your wedding plans.


  • Choosing an outfit


You don’t exactly need a new dress, but deciding what to wear is fun. A white dress may not be necessary, settle for something elegant and chic that will suit your mood and allow you dance to music from your Lancaster pa Dj.


  • Capturing the memories


To preserve fun memories which can be savoured over the years, you would want to install photo booths to capture memories. For serious pictures, a photographer will do. It enables you to test and validate the services of a photographer you thought about hiring for your wedding. Fantastic photos of you both can be taken and incorporated into your wedding invitations.


  • Food


Catering for your guests is optimum regardless of venue. A pub, restaurant or bar should cater for different dietary requirements, giving options for buffet, sit-down meals or finger food. For a home party, outsourcing should be considered except the host is a chef with a large enough kitchen to contain all guests. A food truck can add to the fun.


  • Gift or Not? 


Guest may want to bring gifts if there’s no stipulation to or not to bring a gift. A small note made on the invitation shared can convey the information.

Meet The Parents

Time for your engagement party could be an opportunity to know your partners’ parents well if you do not. Over lunch or dinner, you could meet with them one-on-one before the party and share some ideas, so they don’t get lost in the crowd during the party. You can also introduce your parents to themselves if it has not been done, to avoid awkward scenarios of introduction in front of all the guests.

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