Better furniture better work environment:

24 hours a day and from those 24 hours, a normal salaried person gives 8 to 9 hours to the company that means one-third of a day sitting at a chair and working. And everybody aware of the fact that sitting for more than 2 to 3 hours can cause a lot of health issues like back pain and other problems. So, the company is responsible for providing their employees with better furniture that can reduce the health issues.

In many studies have found that the productivity of the workers can increase if the company provide them with a better sitting arrangement. And not only for reducing health issues but for providing a new and unique design that matches according to the company.

The eye-catching view of the office

Who doesn’t want to work in a cool office? Think like that: What is the first thing a client will notice while entering into the office? It’s the office counter [เคาน์เตอร์สำนักงาน, which is the term in Thai] right? And if it is not good looking then think about the impression that it will create in the client’s mind. So, that is why furniture is an important part for working and not even for working for living in the home too. Without the proper furniture it, will look like a vacant space that needs to be fulfilled.

Choosing the right office counter table

While choosing the counter table for office, there are many things to be considered. And because of the variety of products, it becomes difficult to choose the right furniture for the office. But there are things that one should know before buying it like the material used in the furniture, proper measurement of the furniture that it will fit allocated location or not, the color of the furniture and of course the budget.

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