Why Does FUE the Most Effective Hair Restoration Treatment?

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In today’s world, the media, Hollywood blockbusters, and celebrity gossip web magazines shape our ideals for attractiveness. Both social and cultural influences our thoughts on beauty standards, and shiny hair is linked to health, appearance, and self-confidence in people.

When someone begins dealing with hair loss, they start losing their self-esteem. People with hair loss issues get worried that others will find them less attractive; as a result, there are detrimental effects on their sex drive or the ability to find a new job too. Therefore, they start fining the best ways to get their full head of hair again. Some like to go with natural remedies or other desire to have a hair transplant. If you are exploring the best treatment, you may visit the Hair Transplant Clinic in Toronto for the best assistance.  As hair transplant approaches continue to evolve, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most effective hair restoration treatment. Here are the major reasons that make FUE the most effective hair restoration technique in the world.

A natural appearance: Like the other hair-loss surgeries, FUE does not leave any linear scars in either the donor or recipient area. As a consequent, it gives a natural appearance to hair.


  • Ideal For Early-Stage Hair Loss:


FUE is suitable for patients who just started to lose their hair, as it needs less coverage, and Dr. Jones can extract the best quality follicles.


  • Quicker And Less Painful:


It is not a painful procedure because the patient’s scalp is anesthetized before the procedure is begun.  FUE takes less time than other hair restoration procedures to perform.


  • No Stitches Or Bandages: 


As the FUE treatment is less severe than old hair restoration techniques, the recovery process is much easier and less painful and no bleeding or suturing occurs. The wound heals within two weeks after the procedure, and the grafts are completely secure within a week of operation in most cases. The FUE patients can resume their daily activities one to two weeks after the treatment, including their exercise regimes.


  • Less Risk:


During an FUE procedure, the incidence of complications is lower than with other hair restoration procedures. Recently Japanese studied more than 150 FUE patients; the biggest complaint of patients was a mild discomfort which is caused by sitting still for several hours at a time. We will give you detailed after-op guidance for mitigating the risk of infection as you heal.

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