Sennheiser wireless headphones- Things You Ought To Know

With advancements in technology, people are continuously embracing wireless headphones/earphones for listening to music or making calls on their devices. Several advantages that come with the use of wireless earpieces are freeing of your hands to do other things while on call, eliminating the cumbersome cables limiting the distance you can go from your device, etc. Sennheiser, a reputable organization in the development of quality earpieces, has been improving its momentum Sennheiser wireless headphones to their current third-generation device, which was unveiled at the IFA 2019. There are a few new features that have been included in the new model, even though the design is more or less the same. A few of these features include;

An Active Noise cancellation (ANC) system- also though the previous version had a noise cancellation feature, there is an additional feature for transparent hearing, this means that some ambient sounds will be heard from within the environment, which can be crucial in the detection of danger and averting life-threatening situations. The controls are as well not dependent on the device which you are using for changes; there is an-board control on the headphone, which allows the user to make changes without using the phone directly.

The new Sennheiser wireless headphone has a designated button that will redirect the user to their preferred voice assistant for any help that Is needed. The volume button, as well as the music playback function, have physical controls making it easy to actuate various features without having to be close to the device you are using.

There is a new control app developed by the company, which is used in the control of the headphones. It can be used in the switching between ANC, anti-pressure, or wind settings depending on the environment in which the user is on. The app can be utilized in making EQ (equalization) adjustments and is relatively harder to loose compared to the previous version as a result of Tile integration.

Most wireless headphones online have an issue of battery life, which affects the overall user experience. The new Sennheiser headphones, however, have an improved battery life, which can go up to 17 hours. Even though there are a few other brands that have registered better periods on one charge, deciding to buy wireless headphones from Sennheiser is still the best choice considering other functionality features that you might miss out at the expense of relatively longer battery lives. As of now, the black version of these headphones is the one available in the market, with the white model set to be available from November onwards.


As people continue to embrace the use of wireless headphones, among other technological marvels, brands should continue engaging in research and improving their brands for guaranteed customer satisfaction. Sennheiser, for instance, has enhanced its momentum wireless headphones to be among some of the best wireless headphones in India. Their new, improved features are beneficial for the safety of the individual as well as the functionality of the device, which should be the basis upon which individuals choose to purchase various products.

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