What Makes World Cup Fantasy Cricket League Addictive at 11Wickets?

Fantasy cricket game India is a cool and fascinating online multi-player game where users need to make their own online fantasy team composed of cricket players.

Their team’s victory depends on the performance of the cricketers they decided to go with in actual matches. The team that scores the most points during the period of the league and tops the scoreboard wins the contest.

To further improve the gaming experience, online cricket game users can invite their friends to try out and compete against one another. Daily Fantacy Cricket games are available to try out in all three formats – Test Cricket, ODIs and Twenty20.

Online cricket game has large possibilities in India where people stick to cricket like a religion. Together with the extent of internet penetration in India, you will find tremendous growth possibilities for the online gaming industry.

Fresh world cup fantasy cricket websites are showing up often to appeal to sports fans. They get a great deal of traffic at the time of famous tournaments such as One Day World Cup and T20 World Cup. The fact that they have daily competitions where users may win prizes in the form of cash and various goodies helps them.

There are a great number of skills needed to do well at the fantasy cricket game such as selecting the right combination of batsmen and bowlers based upon the pitch, examining the weather conditions, examining the form of players etc.

At the 11Wickets gaming platform by Ability Games, fantasy cricket games users are allotted a specific budget within which they need to create their team. A distinctive point scoring criteria helps decide the winning team successfully.

Each one of these combos needs to be kept in the mind by the users prior to completing their teams. In-depth brain storming and pre-requisite understanding of the game is what has made fantasy cricket such a success around the world.

The most popular misconception is that fantasy cricket is betting. However, this is not accurate by any means.

In fantasy cricket, users have to make their own team depending on their understanding of the game. The users must be able to evaluate the game possess the essential insight to find out about each player that they would like to choose in their team.

The competition is between sports fans who participate against one another depending on their skills and understanding of the game, without money exchanging hands. This has no effect on the end result of real matches.

To summarize, fantasy cricket consists of great amount of skill and understanding of the game, and needs thought, skills, participation and rapid decision-making on part of user.

It is totally legal to play in India and isn’t similar to betting and so is classified as a Game of Skill mentioned previously by Supreme Court of India.

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