Basics of warehouse logistics – definitions, tasks and functions

Logistics warehousing plays a very important role in the organization of the product delivery system. Warehouse logistics is a stock management technology. This is a very complex mechanism in which warehouses play an important role. The latter are understood as technical facilities where storage, accumulation and distribution of goods are performed. Warehouse logistics is closely related to transport logistics.

Picking the range depending on customer orders – The stock is transformed into a consumer product range. Thanks to this, we can talk about more efficient execution of orders.

Warehousing and storage of goods – This is one of the main functions of the technical room, allowing to minimize the time difference between the output and its sale to the consumer. A company specializing in the provision of warehousing services should create optimal storage conditions depending on the operational characteristics of the cargo.

Unitization of consignments – This is the name for combining small shipments into larger ones. Thanks to this feature, such services become available for small companies. Unitization allows simultaneous delivery to different customers. In addition to direct storage of goods, customers may be provided with additional services – preparation of goods for sale, packaging of products, unpacking and filling containers, and checking equipment operation.

Practical example

A young and ambitious company for the production of craft packages and various packaging variations decided to increase production volumes. In the absence of its own warehouse, it was rather problematic to store finished products in the place of its manufacture. The most appropriate way was the cooperation with the company providing small business storage services.

Warehouse logistics services in modern Russia – key problems and prospects

The quality of logistic infrastructure was not so good earlier. But, due to the overflowing growth of ecommerce’s and business development the use of logistic hub is grown today.  The earlier logistics market had many problems that impeded the normal development of this industry. Of the most significant, the following should be noted:

  • Lack of qualified personnel
  • Poor logistics infrastructure
  • Use of obsolete technologies
  • Management misunderstanding of the real problems of their own business
  • Lack of knowledge in the field of warehouse management

One of the main problems of development is that the management of warehousing logistics rests on the shoulders of management, who is absolutely incompetent in solving the set tasks. Despite all the existing problems, under certain circumstances, the situation can change dramatically in the shortest possible time. Training warehouse logistics qualified professionals will improve the quality of services and make them more popular.


An increase in the degree of automation in warehouses is gradually noted, due to which the probability of error is minimized, and the speed of work increases. Logistics services are becoming increasingly popular, which is the main growth driver for logistics companies. With the increase in their number, the consumer of services will be given the opportunity to choose, so that he will be able to give preference to the most acceptable conditions of cooperation. Visit this website to get more details on this.

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