What Are The Types Of Divorce In Los Angeles?

The types of divorce possible will help produce you for the process that you are about to experience.  There are a few types of divorce processes that exist that will result in two possibilities a quick or complicated divorce settling. Confidently, after appear out whichever type fits your situation, your divorce will not be tried out too long. Even if you have no idea which path your divorce process will take just still, it is important to get as much information in the beginning stages as possible to ensure that you are fully prepared when you meet with your divorce lawyer. Los Angeles Divorce Attorney provides effective legal counsel and powerful advocacy to clients involved in collaborative divorce, military divorce, uncontested divorce, and divorce mediation.

  • Collaborative divorce: It is an alternative method to divorce litigation and Instead of you and your partner proceeds each other to court. You can work together, assisted by your own legal counsel, to resolve your differences and come to an appealing settlement. It will be much simple for your family to decide on the terms of the divorce so that everyone can begin to move forward.
  • Military divorce: When one or both parties involved in a divorce are active or old people members of the military, certain issues may appear that will have to be carefully handled. When a person seeking a divorce is still on active duty, the situation will need to be handled with sensitivity. In cases where a person involved in a divorce is a retired military member, certain issues regarding retirement and disability will need to be addressed.
  • Uncontested Divorce: Uncontested divorce is a general term applied to any divorce in which the parties are able to in a friendly and without conflict resolve or settle their divorce. These kinds of proceedings are very similar to collaborative divorces.
  • Divorce Mediation: Throughout  Mediation, you and your partner will meet with a neutral mediator who will assist you in resolving the various issues of your divorce, such as child protection, child support, property division, and alimony. The mediator will not issue a ruling, but rather help foster communication between you and your ex and help you work through any differences so you’re able to settle your divorce. Mediation is designed to be much less stressful and emotional draining than a divorce litigated in court and is much more cost-effective than litigation.

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