How To Make Sure You’re Playing At A Real Blockchain Casino 

Real Blockchain Based Casinos

The online gambling platform has opened up avenues for developers and gamblers to make handsome profits. Unfortunately, this has also led to the rise of many fraudsters who create websites to rip off players. Gamers that are not keen on learning the right websites to gamble on often end up losing money participating in fraudulent platforms. 

To curb this menace and bring back decency back in the industry developers and casino owners are now turning to real blockchain casino platforms that have managed to get rid of fraud. However, fraudsters are also smart and continue making attempts to advertise their illegal platforms as honest crypto-based casinos; thus, duping players who are not keen. 

In this article I will be guiding you to get the best playing platforms, and present you with the details you need to check before you jump to any cryptocurrency casino.

Zero Real Money Options 

Be wary of gambling websites that accept both real money and cryptocurrencies. A genuinely decentralized site only accepts crypto, any place that asks for fiat currency is still lacking. Before you use any sign up offer such as the BTC casino no deposit bonus code make sure that the games run on the blockchain and are not traditional RGN software titles as they are a fake which do not provide the enhanced odds of crypto gambling.

Also, refrain from casinos advertising that they accept BTC alongside other cryptocurrencies, this means that they still operate under the traditional online casino platform and only provide BTC and cryptocurrencies payment as an option. 

Public Ledger On Display 

In the decentralized platform, casinos operate through a public ledger. It serves as a worldwide network that isn’t owned by a single entity; this leaves it open and inviting to anyone on the planet. 

Its openness is the key element that makes it an actual blockchain casino that guarantees all parties (both punters and developers) fair play.This is as opposed to having a random number generator that produces games’ outcomes, blockchain tech provides the code on a public forum open to all participants making it tamper proof. All bets are displayed publicly and in real time, allowing members to keep tabs on its fairness. 

Edgeless Blockchain Casino Games 

Millennials are not attracted to gambling anymore because they’re aware of how traditional gambling sites are always in favour of the house. The house edge, which acts as the base set rate for every game played ensures the operator rakes in a profit. 

Some developers manipulate it to ensure that the house always has an advantage over gamers. Fortunately for punters, real crypto blockchain casinos are now home to games that don’t require a house edge. Instead, casinos can now make profits by selling crypto tokens that gain value over time. 

Bankrolling Possibilities 

Players are now partnering with casinos as investors. The partnership ensures that they make part of the profits generated, which is a new, yet transforming phenomenon. 

Gamers can forge alliances with casinos in two ways, first by purchasing crypto tokens and hold on to them, creating scarcity and ensuring that their value increases. They can also purchase blockchain casino backrolling opportunities. 

These are presents on platforms such as Wagerr and EOSbet that grant them monthly dividends.

Final Thoughts 

If you are going to be gambling using a real blockchain casino is the best way to improve your chances. The added rewards and the fact that you can become a profit sharing partner are new ways that will benefit gamblers worldwide. Make sure to do your research by reading the reviews and the white papers of new crypto casinos before purchasing any tokens or cryptocurrency to gamble with.


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