What Are the Benefits of Hormone Therapy?

When you look at hormone therapy, what do you think of? Many people don’t realize just how much of a difference that it is going to make for women who hit menopause. When someone goes to an HGH therapy clinic in San Francisco they will find that they can put together a plan that makes sense for their health needs and what it is that they need to do to feel confident. Here are some of the benefits of this sort of therapy.

Prevents a Variety of Diseases

Hormonal imbalances can cause a wide array of issues, but there is a lot of proof that hormone therapy goes a long way when it comes to helping people to stay as healthy as possible in their golden years. Some data shows that estrogen therapy can make a big difference when you’re looking at risks around cancer, specifically when it comes to colon cancer. Also, heart disease, osteoporosis, and a number of other health issues can also be prevented (or, at the very least, their chances reduced) if estrogen therapy is considered.

Relieves Hot Flashes

One of the biggest issues that women have when it comes to menopause is hot flashes and others sorts of sudden temperature changes in the body. It can be really painful at times, and it can be hard to cope with day-to-day activities if hot flashes are interfering with sleeping or even functioning normally at work. Hormonal therapy is the best way to prevent these from becoming an even bigger issue.

Rejuvenates Your Vaginal Area

During menopause, the vagina has a variety of problems that need to be dealt with properly. Dryness, itching and burning are some of the most common problems that you are going to face. Also, if you are still sexually active, you may also find that you are very uncomfortable during the act of sexual intercourse or that it may take longer for you to orgasm, if at all. Hormonal therapy can help to make things a lot more comfortable and enjoyable as you continue to make your way into the golden years of your life.

So, if you’re aging and you need some help going through this period of time, you want to be sure that you talk to your doctor about this possibility. They can connect you with resources and help you to find what works for your needs.


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