What The Sonic Movie Controversy is All About

If you have checked the sonic movie trailer, then we do not have to explain why people get trauma from the appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog. The character in the film is anything but like the mascot of SEGA and has more similarities with the ‘ Annoying Orange ‘ than Sonic itself.

Rising Criticism and the Effect

The criticism was not in the cold clothes of the film producers and Paramount Pictures has now announced that Sonic’s design will indeed change in the hedgehog movie. This was also inevitable somewhere, as it was raining memes and criticisms about the ridiculous appearance they had invented for the film.

  • Now, of course, we have to wait and see what they will make of it, but it cannot get any worse. Director Jeff Fowler also reports on Twitter that they will do everything they can to make the character look their best.
  • Film studio Paramount of sonic the hedgehog movie adjusts the appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog in the upcoming cinema film, after a storm of criticism broke out online.

Earlier this week the first trailer was released for the live-action film about Sonic that will be screened in the cinema in November. On social media, many fans reacted with laughter and disappointment. The hairy appearance, the human teeth, the long legs: many were all eyesore eyes.

Announcement from the Director

Director Jeff Fowler has since announced on Twitter that he takes the criticism to heart. “The message is loud and clear. You are not happy with the design and want changes. That is going to happen, “he writes .

Two years ago, the inside film buffs received an unexpected news, Sonic , the beloved hedgehog and pet of the company SEGA , would appear for the first time in cinemas by Paramount Pictures. Sega had sold Sonic’s rights to perform a live-action . This news made everyone put their hands on their heads and it was not for less. Sonic had demonstrated that it was worth so much with its comic book series as with Sonic Boom , which despite being against the majority of its fan-base versus it worked more than good for younger children.

Better that than nothing

The news fell sharply, first, we were told that the star of the film would be James Marsden (X-Men, Westworld, The Daily Noah), after Jim Carrey would play Dr. Eggman. These facts began to cause the public to begin to smell the worst.

Several promotional posters began to appear where we could see a silhouette of Sonic that was very different from the original one and afterwards we were given a new poster of their legs on the San Francisco bridge, muscular legs that were very distant ‘stylized silhouette of the blue hedgehog.

The cartel of the dispute

Months later a leak , showed a couple of images of how Sonic’s design was and this was the beginning of a tough criticism that still today lasts. Three days ago, he was the trailer of the new movie, where Sonic, because of its speed and kinetic energy, absorbed the electricity of the city and left it in the dark , after that, the military service He decides to discover the cause of this problem and hire an eccentric Dr. Eggman to provide solutions.

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