Secret Santa Shop Fundraiser Ideas

Have you decided to raise funds for a school program, and you are wondering the right way to go, you are in luck. There are Secret Santa Shop fundraiser ideas that you can try out that will get you the needed funds. That’s not all; the secret Santa shop fundraiser also does. It helps students be taught with the feeling of giving gifts to their family members, friends and classmates.  School Holiday Shop can help you with this.

When it comes to running a Secret Santa Shop Fundraiser, there are two options that you can try out, especially when the shop is for a preschooler.

The DIY holiday shop can be tried.

You can decide to use a reputable holiday school shop program that is known to be successful.

 The DIY Option

You may be thinking running a holiday shop is DIY stuff that can be done. True, it is, but there are a lot of issues that can come with it. Have you run a Santa shop before? Do you know how stressful it is? Do you have the funds to do it? Can you keep track of your sales? Where do you intend to get the gifts? When the gifts finish during the rush hour, where can you get the gift? If the gifts remain after the rush hour, what you do with the remnants?

There are a lot of things that have to be considered when thinking about running a Santa holiday shop.

A lot of clients claim that they tried running a DIY shop and they all agreed that it was hectic, and won’t try this option again.

Running a Fundraiser is stressful, imagine running a shop inside the Santa shop fundraiser the program, it is stressful. If you consider this method, you will be stressed, tried, exhausted, and confused.

Remember that the PTA members are expecting you to perform magic, and acting on your own, such won’t be possible. If you flop this, they may not take you seriously again. This means that you need all the help that you can garner.

Remember that you want the kids to have the best time ever and still raise funds for that school program. The truth is that PTA members want a scapegoat when things go sideways. To prevent this from happening, you should consider using a good holiday gift program to help.

If you decide to run a DIY holiday school shop, you should consider the following:

Where will you source for the money to get the merchandise?

There is a great chance that the board won’t give you a dime to do this. This means you have to do this by yourself. Will you take the money from your paycheck? Will you start asking for donations for this? Will you go to a bank? Where will you get the funds?

When you use this option, you will need to make the payment for the products before you are handed the goods, but the case is different with us.

When you use us, you are given the merchandise without paying a dime. You can pay after the holidays are over. You don’t have to stress yourself about raising funds.

What will you do about the remaining goods?

This is one question that you should ask yourself. Once the holidays are over, and there are unsold merchandise, what will you do? If you use the DIY option, you are on your own with the gifts. You either keep it in a store until the next holiday period to be used in a Santa school shop, or you use it for something else. When you use us, you rest assured that you can send the unsold merchandise back to us. We will collect them and collect the money for those that were sold. This means that you don’t have to worry about your unsold merchandise staying in your school for a long time. You can also decide to wrap them and use during school events. With us, it is a win-win situation.

Save all these stress by making use of a reputable holiday shop that will br there with you through the step of the way. It saves you unnecessary stress.

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