Santa Shops For School Christmas Shop Fundraiser

When the Christmas holiday comes, a lot of people are happy, especially the kids. They can’t get enough of this holiday that allows them to get gifts from Santa and give tips to mummy and daddy. As a school, you can use this to your advantage to raise money for those school programs that need to be done.

The Christmas shop fundraiser is something that you should try out if you want to raise funds for your school because you will have a lot of kids running around trying to get their loved ones the necessary gifts.

Since this season is a period of merriment, with a myriad of activities going on in the school, you can take it up a notch by incorporating the spirit of giving in to the kids there.

With a Christmas shop fundraiser, you are killing a lot of birds with a stone. You raise money for school programs. You teach kids about the importance of giving to their classmates, friends, and loved ones. You add more fun to the lives of kids.

Gifts For Classmates and Friends

Like earlier said, one of the reasons a Christmas shop fundraiser is done is to teach kids about the importance of giving gifts to their loved ones. This includes classmates and friends. When you set up a holiday gift shop for your kids, they will want to buy gifts for their classmates. This means that you should buy merchandise that is kid-friendly. It could be toys that they can give to kids of their age. Don’t go for gifts that you like. Go for the gifts that kids will love. Remember that the school Santa shops are created for kids to find great gifts for their classmates and family members.

Whatever gifts that you intend to put there have to be affordable because kids get their money from their parents, they do not have a source of income. What this means is that the gifts should be below ten dollars.

This way, they can easily buy personalized gifts for their classmates and friends.

Uncle and Aunt Gifts

A lot of kids grow up having some aunts and uncles around them that went out of their way to make them happy. This means that they won’t mind getting gifts for this uncle and aunts. You should consider getting merchandise that says things like ‘I love my aunt or uncle.’ Elementary kids tend to go for this.

Grandma/ Grandpa gifts

There is hardly any gift take doesn’t love their grandparents. When they go to their grandparents’ houses, they are fed with sweet things that their parents may not want them taking. This is one reason that kids can’t get enough of their grandparents. You can have merchandise that says that they love their grandparents in your Santa Shop, you will be amazed at the results.

Mom’s Gift:

Kids love their mothers. They love them so much that they can’t do without them. This means that during the holidays, they will want to show their moms that they love them. They do this by getting the perfect gift for their moms from a Santa gift shop.

At this moment, you should stock up on a lot of merchandise that say that they love their moms. It could be a mug, a trinket, a bracelet, and so on. Let whatever you are selling for the moms scream of love and care. If you do this, you will have a lot of kids who won’t mind buying from you.

Dad’s Gift:

When it comes to superheroes, dads are the ones that are on earth. They are the ones take aren’t seen in the parallel universe. They have seen in the houses that the kids live in. You can have your students showing their dads how much they love them by offering them gifts that speak of it.

Stock your gift shops with gifts take to show that the kids are proud of their dads, and you will have kids rushing to buy from you. It could be a hero dad PVC clip, dad’s hat, photo frame, and so on.

Like the rest, the dad’s gifts should be affordable and nice to the eyes. Having a Santa shop that has all these things in the right proportion will definitely succeed.

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