Reason You Should Invest In Quality Printing

Beauty and quality go together and have a special place in the list of priorities of those who know how to value a job or a service well done. The expected effect must justify the investment and expectation of the client, and this is fundamental for the service to be considered of excellence.

If you are responsible for hiring graphical services at your institution, know that you can improve the result. This article brings you valuable tips on the importance of quality printing and the choice of suitable digital graphics in Printing Factory in “Nonthaburi” (โรงพิมพ์ นนทบุรี, which is the term in Thai) so that the entire creative process is not lost in a lifeless presentation and color.

Importance of Quality Printing

What the eyes see, the heart feels and propagates. Commonly, something prepared with care and dedication becomes an example and reference, which holds for any material printed with the quality deserved.

Any graphic material – handouts, posters, photos, pamphlets, books, stickers, cards – need a specific configuration and according to its proposal of use, gaining unique clothing. Pay attention to some essential things that result in high materials!

Type of Paper

The kind of paper determines the quality of an impression since the more compatible the weight – density and weight of writing – the better the model to be used and the expected result. Here are the most commonly used types:

·         Couché

Featuring a smooth, sturdy, glossy or frosted texture, this paper type is excellent for business card, poster, and folder printing and weighs from 90 to 300 grams.

·         Duplex

It is the famous cardboard used to make boxes, bags, and packaging. With a white, smooth, and satin layer and a darker one, it has a weight ranging from 250 to 350 grams.

·         Off-set

Paper with a low cost, weighing between 50 and 240 grams, with uniform texture, white and full bodied. Ideal for letterhead, brochures, and books.

·         Recycling

It cannot be confused with recycled paper, because it is an off-set paper recycled in its entirety and has a yellowish tone, which reminds us of recycling. With a grammage between 9 and 240 grams, it is widely used for business cards, folders, flyers, posters, among others.

·         Image Resolution

Saving all files for high-resolution printing is the best way to ensure quality printing because proper resolution maintains image or font fidelity.

It’s terrible to see a grid-like, blurry print, which happens when the file arrives for low-resolution printing. If you have questions, please contact the printer who will do the service and ask for help before you save. Of course, there is a resolution expert who can assist you.

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