How To Organize Your Home With Plastic Boxes

Every time we talk about the organization, the first thing that comes to our mind is cash. The plastic boxes can help us in a different home and office environments.

In the past, there were not as many plastic products as there are today, and shoe boxes were one of the alternatives to keep everything in place. Today there are wires, baskets, hives, and a variety of types, colors, and sizes of the plastic box (กล่อง พลาสติก which is the term in thai) which can help you keep things organized..

They can be used throughout the house: bathroom, kitchen, laundry, office, rooms, and bedrooms. The boxes can be plastic, polyethylene, paper, fabric, and wood.

Let’s See Where And How To Use Each Type Of Carton

  • In the cabinet: use tissue boxes and have ventilation. Avoid using fully enclosed plastic boxes to store clothing; they need to breathe, so they do not chew.
  • At the shoe rack: remove cardboard boxes (original) to breathe, if using boxes, use ventilated plastic or TNT sachets.
  • Kitchen, laundry, and bathroom (wet areas) are recommended plastic boxes as they can get wet and is easy to clean, beware of wood in these environments as the boxes can swell with moisture.
  • Rooms and offices: paper and wood boxes are excellent. You can use it to save documents, photos, souvenirs, etc.
  • The boxes help in categorizing and organizing the environments, plus remember that it is not to hide the mess inside it. It is necessary to use them carefully and without exaggeration.

How To Use It The Right Way?

In transparent boxes, it is easier to identify what is inside, so it is no use throwing everything inside it, make categories, examples: tools, electronics, medicines, etc. If the boxes are decorated or not transparent, identify them by saying what’s inside, so you do not waste time opening all to know what you have.

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