Project Site Security: Why Seismic Detection System in Toronto Makes More Economic Sense

The security of a project site is a paramount concern to any project manager. With respect to high-cost materials and equipment in a site, it’s of uttermost importance to ensure that the site is free from theft. It is for this purpose that seismic detection systems were developed to provide more precise detection and alertness than conventional security gadgets. The systems employ the technology used in the common earthquake sensors and will bring about an economic advantage to project sites in Toronto. But how? Before answering the question, let’s have a look at how the systems work.

How Does A Seismic Detection System Work?

Seismic detection devices are buried underground and they use special sensors and hardware to detect and record waves from vibrations. It’s like erecting an invisible perimeter wall all around your project site. The systems have high precision and can be used to detect almost anything in a project site—whether moving vehicles, footsteps, digging and any other intrusion activity. Once switched on, the system detects any fluctuations in your site and alerts you in order to take a proactive action to secure your construction materials and equipment. In addition, the systems are invisible and unlike the conventional security systems, they are not affected by adverse weather conditions.

High-end seismic detection systems use advanced algorithms that sense and classify the type of intrusion whether gunfire, people and vehicle movement, a helicopter hovering above your site or mechanical and manual digging. In addition, they can notify you of alarms via email or text message and also pinpoint the exact location of the security breach via GPS technology.

Do The Systems Have An Economic Advantage in Project Sites?

The application of seismic detection systems in Toronto project sites comes with a huge economic advantage. Loss of equipment and materials can bring in a huge toll on the cost of the project considering that expensive machinery is used in project sites. The loss can also stall your project. The fact that a seismic detection system can detect almost any type of intrusion qualifies it among the best security systems for project sites. The systems help to secure building and construction equipment and materials, consequently, protecting you from financial losses that may result from the theft.

In addition, installation of the systems is not as expensive as erecting a perimeter wall and installing electric fences. Combined with advanced algorithms for detection, alarm, and location, the systems are way more accurate than conventional systems since they allow for a timely and accurate response. Therefore, the systems offer you an extra cost without extra expenses. Another economic advantage of the system is that its operation is not limited by weather conditions and cannot be interfered with, unlike typical security systems which can be hampered by burglars. Accordingly, your site is secured throughout the year. However, it’s important to consider that the systems may not be economically viable for temporary project sites but are great alternatives to perimeter walls in permanent sites.


Seismic detection systems are great tools for project site security in Toronto. Besides offering highly optimized security, the systems have significant economic rewards to project owners. They are easy and cheaper to install than electric fences and perimeter walls and provide an optimum security solution for your project site.

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