LTC Pharmacies offer custom dispensing – but what is it?

A LTC pharmacy provides a valuable service for various institutions such as nursing homes, correctional facilities and treatment centers.

Because of the unique nature of the people who reside in these institutions, their medications must be customized.

The custom dispensing offered by a LTC pharmacy helps ensure compliance while keeping costs down and making record keeping easier.

What is Custom Dispensing?

Custom dispensing provided by a LTC pharmacy offers several options. For example, on-demand punch cards make it easy to keep medications organized. Easy to open and plainly marked for quick identification, punch cards meet the demands of a busy patient who’s always on the go.

The ability to completely customize EDKs to fit the needs of an institution ensure that compliance, security and safety are always at the forefront of each medication session.

Whether your organization needs refrigerated EDK, IV EDK, standard EDK or IV EDK, Williams Bros partners with you to develop the supplies that best meet the needs of your facility and its residents.

Easily distribute a medication and ensure compliance with the medical provider’s dispensing instructions with a range of fills from 7- to 30-day cycles. Multi-use and unit dose packaging makes accurate and timely dispensing from busy nurses’ stations and medicine carts organized and seamlessly.

As a LTC pharmacy, Williams Bros offers those custom dispensing services that help the institutions they serve meet their compliance goals while also ensuring that their residents’ health is protected.


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