How to Produce Customized T-shirts?

T-shirts are extremely popular as causal wear as they can be teamed with jeans, skirts, or anything. Messages, designs, slogans and prints on these t-shirts seek attention and serve as an amazing mode of expression. Today, companies produce t-shirts to enhance the business of their company. With top notch fabric, right quality, high class design, with logos and embroideries, you can choose t-shirts for your different staff needs. Not just this, you can also design t-shirts in different ways and customize it as per your company’s need. Some of the options for custom printed t-shirts are mentioned below:


This is the most ancient form of t-shirt printing technology. Embroidery includes stitching of designs on the t-shirt via thread and needle. The technique can only be applied with high artistic inclination to make sure good quality designs Embroidery is great if you have to make small designs like logo, company name or text as the stitching is done manually. However, if you have to do mass production, then you can use machines too.

Hand painting

It is one of the oldest shirt printing methods. Producers should have good artistic capabilities to design authentic designs. It takes a lot of effort and time to do hand printing. This is because hand painting only can be via brush and fabric dye. One can use different painting methods to paint like stenciling, sponging, brushing and rolling.

Heat transfer

The method includes heat and pressure to transfer designs on the customized t-shirts. Producers use iron and carrier paper to make the designs. The heat of the iron allows the ink to stick on the t-shirt. It doesn’t need any painting or coloring. It is majorly done on white t-shirts.

Screen printing

This approach is also called silk screening and it produces better designs in comparison to the other methods. It is done by an aluminum stencil and fill blade to transfer the design. The mesh gives support to the stencil when the designer pumps ink in the fill blade via the mesh. It can print large quantity of shirts in a small time period.

Digital printing

Often a lot of companies opt for digital printing for large quantity production. It involves inkjet printers to transfer designs to the shirts directly. You can customize the designs on the computer and then print it on the t-shirt. It is a little costlier technique in comparison to the others.

Vinyl printing

It serves as an alternate to silk screening. It makes use of a computer and sends the design to vinyl plotter which prints the image on plastic backing. After the design is prepared, the producer uses heat and pressure to print in on the t-shirt fabric.

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