How To Pack For An Overseas Adventure Travel

Going on an overseas adventure is a true vacation. Not only do you get to explore outside of where you live but you get to experience things that challenge your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Regardless of what type of challenge you are faced with or where you’re visiting, packing is essential to ensure you don’t miss anything or pack too much.

Packing Tips for an Overseas Adventure Travel 

Packing is an art form. The basic rules of packing are:

  • Pack as light as possible. While you may want to package more than is necessary, make sure you pack light and according to your destination’s climate.
  • Bring relevant documents that identity you like a birth certificate, driver’s license, and of course your passport.
  • Bring a carry-on luggage on the plane that has an extra set of clothes in case your luggage is lost.
  • Check customs regulations as related to your destination.
  • Understand the rules for currency exchange rates.
  • Develop checklists related to clothing and footwear, travel gear, health and hygiene, sun and bug protection, and personal items.

Now that you have the basics down, here are a few additional tips that may help you when it’s time to pack.

In addition to your extra set of clothes, your carry on should have any electronic devices and/or valuables. Though it is best to leave any valuables at home, you should bring your camera, drone, or computer in your carry on along with any toiletry, medications, clean socks, and underwear.

While it’s advised to wear hiking boots on your trip, if you can’t pack them, you should wear them in the airport and pack a pair of tennis shoes so your feet can rest, and you can further explore without the hiking boots on.

With adventure travel, you may experience streams, lakes, or rivers – therefore, it’s best to pack a raincoat or poncho to wear overtop of your clothing so you’re not spending all day in wet clothes. You could even pack items that are quick-dry material so you can hang them and have them dry within a few hours.

If you pack only a few items and plan to wash clothes on your trips, you can pack travel sized bags of powder detergent or purchase them before you hit your destination.

Last but not least, it’s important you purchase a light source when you’re in the airport or after you leave the airport and are traveling to your destination. It’s not smart, and typically illegal, to bring any battery-operated device in an airport or in your luggage so it is best to purchase this when you land.

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