How does Google Adword work?

Google Adwords refers to the ads campaign of Google. Actually, most of the revenue of Google comes from Adwords. Google takes away one dollar on every transaction of three dollars. With this in-between commission, Google is making more than anyone else. People who want their ads to appear in the Google search results pay Google and the interesting thing to notice here is that these people are millions in number. Thus, there are many people spending on Google ads. Google displays these ads above the organic ads and thus they receive more hits and clicks to the site. These ads turn up in the sales.

Do keywords matter in case of ads?

People know that keyword choice matters a lot in case of SEO but the case is that it also matters in case of ads. Actually, Google is a search engine and the main deciding factor for ranking here is the keyword. The words you use in the title of your ads serve as the keywords and these words are matched with the search query that the user runs on Google. Based on the matching, the user is provided with a bunch of results. Google does not want to spoil the user experience thus it continuously works on the right keyword usage.

Why some people end up losing money on Google ads?

Using the Adwords services [รับ ทำ adwords which is the term in thai] in the beginning is not easy. Some people end up losing money because of their poor marketing strategy. In order to run your ads properly, you have to make a clear strategy. You have to build the landing page properly in order to convert the users into customers. In this way, you will make much more money than the amount spent on Google ads. Thus, it is like a little investment but some people spend way more on Google Adwords. 

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