Poker games always manage to attract gamers with its exciting and enthralling gaming features. There are a plethora of poker games online but what makes Domino Qui Qui different is its adaptation from the traditional Chinese Domino game named PaiGow.

Domino Qui Qui game is often referred to as Domino QQ seems to be complicated and overwhelming at the same time. However, once the gamer understands the base of this game, it becomes effortless to play Domino Online.

Let’s go through the RULES OF DOMINO ONLINE GAME

DominoQQ game is played with 28 different double-six dominoes. These dominoes are not the traditional ones that many of us are aware of; they are in the form of cards that eventually is thrown away after they get into the wear and tear conditions.

Like in most Poker games, the gamer’sa.k.a gamblers are required to place their bet. The amount varies from place to place and from person to person. After all, bets are received; each player gets three dominoes to start the game. The players are given four options to choose and act. If the previous better places the bet, the player can’t proceed and either need to place down their cards or raise it or fold their hands.

If during the first round, only one player places the bet, they’ll automatically win the game without revealing their cards. However, if there is more than one better in the first round, the players who hadn’t folded their cards gets the fourth card. Once everyone gets their fourth card, the second round of the game starts. Initially, the player holding the best card wins the game.


The cards within the Domino online game are placed into pairs, and then the third and fourth card is added simultaneously. Once a new tag is added, the second digit is only considered. The pair of 9’s is regarded as the highest pair. This is the reason why the Domino Online game is referred to as Qui Qui. In total, three possible hands can give the player a hand higher than a pair of 9’s.

On the other hand, there is one ‘non-special’ hand that shows the numbers below the pair of 9’s. There is also an extraordinary hand in this game, which is often referred to as ‘kid.’ This means that if a player has three doubles, and the fourth one is alone, it is considered as a kid in Domino Online game.

Also, if two players end up with having doubles, similar to that in the USA Poker game, the player with higher doubles will automatically win. The same condition applies when two players end up having a straight.

Many excellent online gaming sites are offering some exciting offers while playing Domino Online game, also referred to as Domino Qui Qui game. These sites are Indonesia’s trusted Poker sites which provide either paid or free membership to enjoy the Domino Online game. At times, these sites offer professional agents who guide the players throughout the game, giving better results.

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