Few Signs That Indicate the Escort Is Underaged

Legally a girl cannot be used as an escort, unless she is above 18 years of age. Following are few warning signs that indicate that the escort girl who is working is less than 18 years of age.

  1. Escort appears much younger

Often by looking, it is possible to tell that she is underaged, so you must use your instinct and decide whether the escort is adult or not.

Asking few questions like when she completed her basic education or the date of birth or ask for any documents may also reveal her real age.   

  1. The escort will be advertised as a teen

There is a lot of demand for underage escorts, which is a growing trend in Paris and in many other European countries. Basically, they are used for child porn purpose where they are advertised as juvenile or teenagers. 

Any legal website like Lovesita.com in Paris never indulge in such activities.

  1. Underage escorts usually are managed by pimp

These underage escorts can be easily coerced as they are not emotionally matured enough and therefore, they are often either managed independently, or mostly they are managed by a pimp. 

  1. Underage escorts may change locations every time

Usually, an escort who may be underage will always change her location too frequently which can always raise suspicion that they are involved in illegal activity. 

In order to avoid detection, they may change their location.

  1. Underage escorts often change their profile to avoid detection

Other tactics that these underage escorts often do to avoid detection will be to change her profile too often, where she may either use different name or different photographs which may raise suspicion. 

Since they are managed by pimp, you can find similarities in the advertisement language.

  1. No online reviews will be available about her

You will find online escort reviews about almost all escorts by strangely you will not find any review ever written by any customer about any underage escort. They usually do not care so much about their escorting career.

  1. She will not give consent for what was advertised

Most of the advertisement for these underage escorts will not be written by her, and hence she may not give consent to various services that are advertised, nor will she enjoy it.

If such underaged escorts are coerced to work, then she will not meet the client at all.

  1. Avoid sending picture or video on phone before booking

Most of these underage escorts in various cities of Europe will usually avoid detection by refusing to send out any of their photos or videos which can become a record that she is working as an escort. 

Since she has to conceal her age and most of the clients will also not suspect if she keeps her face hidden or refuse to use video Skype.

  1. She will confess her real age

In some cases, these underage escorts may tell the clients about her real age out of their innocence. This will be glaringly obvious sign of underage which is illegal to hire for her services.


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