Oh no! Your worst nightmare in traveling happened and you get stranded at the airport. But do not worry just yet. Put in your mind that this thing is normal, it could happen to anyone or anybody and there is nothing you can do about it, so just relax, take a deep breath and read through the pages of this blog.

Cancellation and delays of flights are just a normal thing now at the airport. The weather is bad; the plane is getting late to arrive at your airport; there is a bomb threat and your security is at risk; there are some mechanical issues and computer glitch going on with your airlines and your plane. The thing is all of these things are out of your control, but did you know that you can get ready for all of these things if you know the real-time status of your flight? Make it a habit to always check your flight status whenever you leave for your travel. A flight tracker like Flightstatus24 is a great way to check it, you can use your phone to check it online and you can even download their app if you are a frequent flyer. It’s free to use, so be sure to visit their website, because trust me; you don’t want to get stuck at the airport when you’re not prepared and ready.  So, without much further ado, let’s now list down things that you can do if ever, just ever you get stranded at the airport:

  1. Get to know the airport staff and agent. Airport staff is already experienced in handling delays and cancellations query, having a contact with them will serve you well as they can give you information on how things are going with your flight and your booking. 
  2. Be nice and patient, it’s not yet the end of the world. We understand how you feel, as I’ve said earlier, you’re not the only one who experiences all this kind of hassle. We know it’s frustrating and all but try to get yourself together. Be nice and patient especially to the staffs working at the airport; remember that it’s not their fault that your flight was delayed and canceled and that they are also suffering in the situation. The nicer you are to them, the more they are willing to help you with your concern. 
  3. Try booking a hotel nearby. If worse comes to worst, and your flight got canceled for the day, it is better to book a hotel nearby, so you can comfortably sleep and rest while waiting for the airlines to rebook you on the next flight available. 
  4. Find the airport lounge. If your flight was not totally canceled and it was just delayed for a few hours, airport lounge would be a good option to relax and rest while waiting for your flight to operate. Airport lounges are often filled with complementary products and services such as food and snacks, WiFi access, power outlets, and with some offering shower facilities.
  5. Know what you are entitled to get for compensation. When you are dealing with delayed and canceled flights, it is so easy for us to blame the airline management and ask for compensations. You must know what you are owed to before you ask for any compensation. For example, most airlines are not obliged to provide passengers with hotel accommodations if the cancellation of flights are due to bad weather condition. If your flight was delayed for a few hours whether or not the airline is at fault, passengers are entitled to refreshments or meals. The airline should also find ways to be able to rebook your tickets to the next flight available to avoid any more inconveniences on your side.
  6. Share your experience in social media like Twitter. Venting your disappointment to social media especially in Twitter has its way of having a benefit. Mentioning a specific airline in your tweet or using a #hashtag will let the carrier know your problem. You’ll notice that when you write something bad about an airline or when you share your bad experience with them, the management are so quick to respond to you and help you with your concern to avoid bad PR. It is sometimes quicker to get a response on Twitter than asking someone at the airport for help.
  7. Find something to entertain you. Be sure that you always bring your cellphones and electronic charger when traveling. You’ll never when you’re gonna end up stranded or stuck in the airport, so your cellphone will be your best weapon from boredom and stress at the airport. Try asking the airport’s information desk to check if they have like an entertainment center or entertainment services to keep yourself busy while waiting for your flight.
  8. Snacks will help you get through the stress and hassle. You’ll never know how long you’re gonna be stuck inside the airport waiting for your flight. Sometimes we do things and say things we did not mean when we are tired and hungry. Keep yourself full to keep yourself from doing any stupid while at the airport. 

And that sums up our tips on what to do when you get stranded at the airport. Remember to always keep yourself calm in any situation; because that is just the most that you can do when something bad happens on your flight. Do not stress yourself out for things that are beyond your control. Always be positive and look forward to your dream travel.

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