Despite cruising for a couple of times, you’ll end up doing things wrong. We don’t mean to offend you but even experienced sailors continue to do the same. We want you to have the best cruise experience ever so we’ve listed here some cruise mistakes you’re still making and even tips on how to stop. And as you cruise to the destination of your choice, you can make use of the vessel finder to monitor and track your voyage in real-time. Its features are not only limited to that, as you navigate the platform, you’ll also be able to discover various useful information. 


Yes, we all know how exciting it is to finally go on a cruise vacation however, we don’t want you to end up overpacking. With that, you’re probably stuck paying for an excess check-in baggage fees at the airport. Also, you’ll be seen lugging huge bags around on the embarkation day. As you reached your cabin and sort things out, you’ll find yourself overloading tiny cruise ship closets and must worst, you won’t be able to wear almost half of the clothing that you’ve prepared and brought with you. To give you an idea, you can bring a day outfit, a swimming outfit, gym clothing, and one which will comply with the evening dress code. It would be better if you color coordinate your outfits so you can re-wear it. When it comes to footwear, as much as possible limit yourself to one casual pair of sneakers, sandals or flip flops, and one pair for a dress.

Flying in the scheduled day for your cruise

You’ll surely don’t want to miss the ship. If your cruise is scheduled to depart at 5 pm never choose a flight that will arrive at noon. You need to be in the embarkation port a day before. You need to allot an allowance in case there’s bad weather, mechanical issues which may lead to a delayed flight. Traffic can also cause a problem. You need to fly as early as possible to homeport city. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner or the hotel facilities where you’ll spend your night. In that case, you’ll have a nice leisurely start to your vacation.

Eating at the buffet area during the Embarkation day

You’ll notice that most of the cruisers are heading to the buffet for lunch while waiting for their specified cabin to open. If you do so, you’ll find yourself waiting in long lines while trying to juggle your tray of food and hand-carry baggage looking for an empty table. It’s a mess. It would be better if you’ll do a bit of research so you will know other alternative venues that are open for lunch during the embarkation day. In that way, you’ll also find a more peaceful dining experience to kick-start your cruise vacation.

Taking the elevator

If you’re an able-bodied cruiser, it is suggested that you walk instead of using the elevator. Since you’ll just find yourself wasting a couple of minutes just by waiting for the elevator. It is often crowded and stops on every floor which will take you forever. Walking around the ship and using stairs is also one of the best ways to burn off calories without having to sweat it out in the gym. Also, you’ve left the elevator free for your fellow cruisers or shipmates with strollers or wheelchairs who need to use it.

Getting shore excursions from your cruise provider

It is undeniably true that cruise ships offer credible and awesome shore excursions. But you still have the option to book your cruise line’s excursion independently. In that way, you can customize and visit only the attractions that you prefer. To be able to do it, you must do your homework. While searching, you may find a reputable company that provides the same tour for less. If you’re a large group, it would be better to book a private tour guide and only choose those spots that you want to see and explore.

Buying wine per glass

If you’re a couple sharing a table for two, you might order wine by the glass. It is because you’re thinking that you can’t kill a bottle in one evening or the other prefers red over white wine. However, ordering a glass of wine per night will result in you overpaying for such adult beverages. It is suggested that you buy a bottle of wine. Don’t worry, if you don’t finish a bottle, you can ask the staff to recork it and save it for you for the next evening. Regardless of where you purchase the wine, whether, at the specialty restaurant, you can still ask the servers to have the leftovers even if you’re at the main dining. If you want, you can also bring your wine on board, you just have to pay for a minimal corkage fee.

Not booking in advance

It is better to book spa treatments, dining reservations, shore excursions, drink package, and internet plans in advance because many cruise companies offer promotions to those who book in advance online. Please be reminded that popular dining venues and spa times sell out very fast as well as with the popular shore excursions. It is suggested that you book early to be able to save money as well.

Not budgeting for onboard spending

If you don’t want to run out of money after your cruise vacation, you need to make a budget for onboard expenses. Be sure to follow it. In that way, you’ll be able to monitor your spending and determine if you’ll be taking advantage of the spa or other onboard activities that come with a fee. At the end of your cruise, you won’t be shocked about your final cruise bill.


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