7 Creative Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

App Store and Google Play is reached a point where it is hard to compete. So, you have to find creative ways to promote your brand or your audience wouldn’t be able to find you! That’s where we come to help, here are 7 creative ways you can promote your mobile app.

Start a blog. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of blogging and it’s effects but since you are not using content creation in your strategy, you haven’t been paying attention! Prividing regular updates on a topic your target audience is interested, you can be seen as an expert and worth downloading. This strategy works best if you are operating in a niche industry!


Record a podcast. An alternative to blogging, you can start podcasting! In your Show, talk about which problem your app solves. You can invite people to be a guest and reach a broader audience!

Be a part of online conversations. If you read and research articles about the topics related to your app or pay close attention to the questions users ask, you can find beneficial insights and a new source to get in touch with your audience. For example you can start with Quora.

Optimize your app. This should be a requirement actually, not a suggestion. You have to provide the appropriate resources to users, analyze the keywords related to you and use them appropriately. Downloads are ought to increase if you optimize your app.

Improve your screenshots. Users check out screenshots before they download. So, Show your features, add CTA’s and visual elements, and make them captivating!

Apply for app awards. Contests are an amazing way to get your name out there. There are hundreds of award shows that give awards for design, functionality or other aspects. Apply to the ones you think your app is a challenging contender.

Find a partner. If you can team up with another app and cross-promote each other, that would be great! Free advertisement!

Like we said at the beginning, the mobile app industry has grown subtantially and it is hard to compete in it. And what can you do to get ahead? You can use a proven strategy to increase app store ranking. This case study will help you see the opportunities and how to exploit them for your benefit. Select the most effective  strategy for your app and forge ahead!

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