5 Places you must visit during Visit Nepal Year 2020

Nepal is a beautiful country with a gift of nature all around. For any traveler, adventure lover or nature lover – Nepal is the perfect destination. You can ride along with the boat of Phewa Lake, or observe mountains through mountain flights. You can hike till the top of the hill, or enjoy rafting among adventure-filled rivers.

It is not because Nepal is celebrating Visit Nepal 2020 that you need to visit Nepal – but because Nepal is fifth among Top 10 countries to visit in the world and stays in the first position in terms of Best Valued Destination in the World. Nepal is a safe and secure place to travel, and several discount offers are available for Visit Nepal 2020.

There are several places that you seriously need to visit in Nepal – from mountains to lakes, from hills to rivers. However, here are five places that you should not exclude during your visit to Nepal.

Manaslu Circuit

Trekking along this circuit sits atop my recommendation list because this offers the best of Nepal in terms of culture and nature. Manaslu circuit trek also known as the New Annapurna Circuit Trek is popular for its virgin trails, untouched natural beauty and relatively primitive trekking experiences. Classified as restricted by the Nepal government, this trek is for those who are just looking pure trekking without much expectations for trekking luxuries that are available on the Annapurna Circuit Trek.

Along with unravished trekking route during which you rarely see a human being, this trekking route is focused on circumnavigating around the Mount Manaslu- the 8th highest peak in the world (8,156 m) along with spectacular views of Himchuli (7890m), the Ganesh Himal (7429m) along with other peaks of the Annapurna Himalayan Range.


Lumbini is one important reason why Nepal should be visited. It is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. There are more than two dozen monasteries located in the area, and you will get to visit beautiful monasteries built by countries like China, Japan, France, Germany, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, etc. There inscriptions on the Ashoka Pillar explaining Buddha’s birthplace.

Mayadevi Temple is the most sacred site there. There is a beautiful garden where you can spend quality time. So, this is the place where you can pray, meditate and seek enlightenment through spiritual experience.  Hotels in Lumbini are providing discounts at various scale concentrating on Visit Nepal 2020.

Chitwan National Park

Established in the year 1973, and listed under a World Heritage Site since 1984 – Chitwan National Park is an amazing gift of nature. It covers an area of more than 932 sq km and you will get to see forests, marshland, and grasslands with impressive animal populations. Jeep Safari experience would make you feel like you are traveling into the wild where you will get to see monkeys, peacocks, more than 500 species of birds, elephant.

If you are lucky enough, you will also get to see Bengal Tiger. What makes this space impressive is a one-horned rhino, that you will get to see around. You can observe a herd of deers running around. Visitors can enjoy an elephant ride and experience the elephant shower too. Enough security measures are ensuring the safety of visitors.


Pokhara is one of the best and most loved tourist areas in Nepal. Gifted by nature, Pokhara is also known by the name ‘City of lakes and caves’. Have you ever imagined how it feels like boating in a lake, where there is a shadow of the mountain being reflected? Pokhara lets you do it. Boating in Phewa or BegnasLake, visiting around Mahendra Cave, Chamero Cave, or Gupteswor would be an adventure-filled move. Meanwhile, Davis fall is such an amazing view where you will get to see a natural waterfall with approx of 500 feet long. There are water games available, and paragliding would an amazing experience – letting you feel bird flying below mountains and above a beautiful lake. Visit Nepal 2020 is already like a huge fair in Pokhara with almost all restaurants, lodges and hotels offering discounts at a wide scale.

Tilicho Lake

TilichoLake is known to be the lake located at the highest altitude across the globe. Visiting this lake is not just about walking and observing it, but it is accompanied by wonderful trekking opportunities too. Located at an altitude of 4919 meters, in Annapurna range is the destination that you will get to meet after a few days of the hike. You will get to see the view with reflection of the Himalayan range in the lake. It has religious importance relating to the holy book of Ramayana too. The still water, freezing and clear will create a separate relaxation to your body and soul. Visitors can also extend their trip to take a walk across the Annapurna range and take a visit to Muktinath temple. There are several hotels on the way who is offering discounts focusing on Visit Nepal 2020.

Everest Base Camp

Who would not want to see how the world’s highest peak looks like. Being at the lap of this highest peak would certainly be an amazing experience filled with excitement, adventure, and satisfaction. But I understand everyone may not be a fit for Everest but if you go for any Everest View Trek packages, it would take you close to the mightiest mountain the world.

Everest Base camp would let you observe a breathtaking view of mountains in the panoramic version. So, for any trekking lovers – Everest Base Camp is certain to be a challenging experience where the trekker will get to put step over amazing points like Kala Patthar (5555 m), Namche Bazar, GorakShep, etc. Besides, you will get to feel Sherpa culture in the area as well. There are several discount packages available focusing on Visit Nepal 2020.

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Aksharika is an avid traveler who loves to travel and explore new places. Since 2000, she has been working as a trekking guide for Green Society Adventure, a reputed travel agency in Nepal and has trekked with many nationals along the plains, hills and Himalayas of Nepal. Get in touch with her to talk about travels at aksharika[@]

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