11 Most Expensive World War II and Nazi War Artifacts

World War II is one of the largest conflicts in the entire planet. It was truly a historic moment that influenced the lives of many. History was made as millions of lives were lost.

With that in mind, there have been a number of Nazi artifacts for sale. People have also started collecting these as a form of hobby. It is without a doubt that there have been items from this time that have survived.

For most people, they wanted to possess something that represented man’s bravery. Moreover, here are 11 of the most expensive World War II and Nazi artifacts for sale:

  1. Adolf Hitler’s Mercedes Benz 770k at $10 Million

This car is known as one of the most expensive artifacts today. It is currently valued at $10 million. This vehicle is often chauffeured by Hitler through the crowds of Germans and Nazi supporters.

  1. Victoria Cross Medal at $555,000

The Victoria Cross Medal was awarded to Private Edward Kenna of Australia in 1945 for risking his life to defeat the Japanese. He took out a machine gun crew during a battle in New Guinea.

  1. Adolf Hitler’s Ceremonial Brass Writing Desk at $422,000

This was the same writing desk in which Hitler signed the Munich Pact; this was the agreement that led to the start of World War II as we know it.

  1. Enigma Cipher Machine at $221,000

This cipher machine was the same spy device that assisted the Allies to decode a number of secret messages which were sent by the German military detailing troop movements as well as strategies.

  1. Anne Frank’s Letters at $166,000

While most people know Anne Frank for her diary, Frank and her sister also sent a number of letters to some of their friends in Iowa.

  1. Anne Frank’s Diary at an undetermined price

Stemming from the previous item, Anne Frank’s diary doesn’t necessarily have a set price in the market. However, there are those who are willing to pay hundreds of millions for her diary.

  1. Adolf Hitler’s ‘Night Guard’ Luger Pistol at $161,000

Adolf Hitler was obsessed with ensuring that he was always protected. As a result, his night guards were given rare Luger pistols which are equipped with tracer bullets and flashlights.

  1. Benito Mussolini’s Order of Courage Medal at $123,000

In 1943, Benito Mussolini was fired by his administration and all of his belongings were collected and stored. His order of courage medal was one of these belongings.

  1. Peter White’s Archive at $50,000

Peter White was known as a soldier who served as the platoon leader in Scotland’s Royal Army. His diary included daily events during World War II, including newspaper clippings, sketches, and photos.

  1. Winston Churchill’s Typescript at $37,000

This piece of paper contains a detailed message from Britain’s Prime Minister. It detailed the events following the invasion of Sicily.

  1. Winston Churchill’s Snuff Box at $24,000

This snuff box contained scented powdered tobacco. Churchill lost it during the Germans’ blitzkrieg attack on London.

If you are planning to look for various Nazi artifacts for sale, we hope that this article was able to guide you through some of the prices on the most expensive artifacts in today’s times.

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