Top 5 Reasons to purchase Skoda Rapid in India


The new Skoda Rapid will starts as an entry-level sedan which was launched in 2011 in India. The same set of platform was shared by Skoda Rapid Rider and the Volkswagen Vento segment. The first sedan was currently available in India and manufactured by the Czech carmaker. It includes two engine variants such as Skoda Rapid automatic and manual transmission. The Skoda Rapid is very competitive with other models such as Hyundai Verna, Ford Fiesta, Fiat Linea, and Honda Amaze. In 2014, Skoda company also received the new form of minor facelift.

Design & Styling

The Skoda Rapid Interior and Exterior design are followed using the clean-cut of our European design that can describe the overall design & strong influence of the Volkswagen model. Even the recently launched Skoda Rapid Rider utilizes the same platform and designs that share with VW Vento. It has strong headlights with the nice front grille and also a few curves accentuated with some sharp lines.

It does not appear like muscular, but look similar to nice and modern. In 2014, the Skoda Rapid includes a new logo and other features with newly designed headlights and radiator grille. It gets new alloy wheels and more chrome. They also have an elegance transmission which has black housing, black wing mirrors, black grille, black fog lamps, and black alloys along with new projector lamps.

Handling and Performance

The new Skoda Rapid is well-known for its decent performance on your city street, but you can feel the real experience while you are driving on the highways. The diesel engine of Skoda Rapid Offer you with peak torque and perfect for initial acceleration and overtaking. However, it is not possible to achieve the same acceleration while using the petrol variant.

However, you can experience the big turbo lag with the diesel variant engine similar to Skoda Rapid Monte Carlo variant. If once, you had passed the level then the car will really move much faster and quickly. The suspension setup of this car is really good and makes the car to glide safely through the highways. It has a comfortable cabin and even while driving much faster, you can feel it very confident and comfortable.

The only disadvantage of this Skoda Rapid 2017 model is that the braking system. It seems to be much stronger, steering is a little bit engaging, also has smoother gear change, and other features are pretty good. The all-new DSG transmission utilized within this car will perform better and makes the transmission to precise shifts with quite brilliant whenever it is required.

Reliability & Quality

It is very happy to inform that the overall quality, reliability, and performance of new Skoda Rapid are very much good. The exterior finishing panels and touches are very nice and interiors are also has good build quality. It has a well-engineered engine and the dashboard is sturdy & nice. However, the diesel variant has some shake and a little bit loud. It is quite a reliable car, but many of them reported issues with regards to the car’s electrical components.

Value for Money

The Skoda Rapid on road price is marked at Rs 13.5 lakh for higher variant and best value for your money. However, the petrol variant is not under control and power. The diesel variant is designed with great performance. The interior package is well-creative and worth able for your money.

Latest Technology & All-Day Comfort

This car makes your ride more entertain and fun with the latest technology equipment. It includes the Mirror Link technology and also Infotainment system of 6.5 Color Touchscreen Drive. The all-new Skoda Rapid facelift segment will offer the rain-sensing wiper which will automatically activate by detecting the rain & adjust to move the wiper’s frequency. The Cruise Control feature is in-built with this facelift and also properly maintains the speed to offer the stress-free driving.

The Skoda Rapid edition X facelift provides the DSG dual-clutch gearbox. It includes two sets of clutches that are electronically controlled by the gear selection. This also ensures the better fuel economy, improved handling, lightening gear shifts, and fast smooth when compared with the manual gear transmission. It is more essential to understand the entire requirements of this facelift segment and the best part is its comfort which is the most important and highest priority.

The Rapid facelift will offer you the all-day comfort along with its high-quality interiors and exterior design. You can get a very pleasant ride with the help of its specialized design. It has a spacious cabin and also sufficient headroom & legroom for both rear and front passengers or occupants.

They also include several other features such as AmberGlow Footwell Illumination, two air conditioning vents that are placed near the rear center console, and automatic Climatronic Air conditioning. With this entire features, you can achieve the most comfortable and safe ride.

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