Tips to locate the best PG on rent

In the fast paced life of today people are move from one place to another for better job prospects as this same logic applies to students. All these are achieved for a better career prospect. Once we step out of our comfort zone we end up searching for an accommodation outlining us with the basic facilities and needs. Once you face up to such a situation you need to opt for a PG in Yeshwantpur. In the quest of searching for a PG there are several factors that would end up influencing your decision. Let us outline the causes that would make the choice of a PG an easy decision for you


Once you are moving over to a new city budget is a major issue to be addressed. You need to sort it out on an urgent basis. Just go on to plan your expenses and formulate a budget in a proper manner. The key is to look for a PG in Yeshwantpur that fits in your budget. The moment you are looking to search for a PG the first thing is hop on to Google as you are looking for a good deal. The chances are high that you would avail a good deal as per your requirements.

Security and safety

When you are choosing a PG on rent you need to evaluate the safety and security features. This has to be on top of the to do lists. You might be a man or a woman but a criminal is not going to spare anyone. The moment you are choosing a PG for rent figure out the safety aspects before you commit to the PG.

Obtain all the details of the room / flat or even the PG mates

Before you eventually finalize a PG a sensible option would be to visit the PG at different times of the day. This would give you a clear cut idea about the location, safety and residents of the place. Just discuss with the people in the area about the security and ifs and buts of the locality in general. A visit to the nearby market would also be a sensible move to figure the close proximity from your PG. Do not forget to ask the owner about the backup power and water supply. You need to understand whether the expenses are part of the rent amount or not.

Guest policy

In every PG there is a guest policy that needs to be adhered to.  All of us have friends, relatives all over the country and in certain cases your parents would also like to visit you. So for this reason it is a sensible option to know in details about the guest policy from the owner

To wind it up once you are about to choose a PG keep the following pointers in mind. In case if you do not pay heed to the above points it might be too late. You should not allow accommodation worries to be standing in your way.

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