Mussoorie in the summer: Top 3 activities to do

The best time to visit Mussoorie is the summer season. We tell you what you can do once you get there.

The scenic hill station of Mussoorie has a romance and elegance that few other places in India can match up to. Dreamy, pristine and far removed from city chaos, it seems that nothing impure can ever touch its beautiful face. If you are looking for a vacation to a quiet and stunningly beautiful location in India, then Mussoorie should be high on your list.

What can one do here, you wonder. There’s lots to do, but we’ve culled three of our top favourite things to do in this hill station. These are:

  1. See the sights.

Mussoorie is nothing if not a big place full of postcard-perfect scenes all around. We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said that there’s a photo op on every single corner. If you’re heavily into Instagram or Pinterest, your feed would be chock-full of photographs and videos taken in this beautiful place. Of special interest are points that you can take in via cable car, such as Gun Hill, Mussoorie Lake, Happy Valley, Lake Mis, Kempty Fall and Camel’s Back Road, to name just a few.

  1. Trek and take in the nature.

Hiking and trekking are major draws among the must-do activities in Mussoorie, and with good reason. The snowy mountains kissing the azure skies, the lush green valleys, the floating clouds and the winding leafy lanes will melt away your ennui and make your heart sing. Also, your pollution-ravaged lungs will thank you for the clear, crisp air in the mountains even if you go for a short walk. Even if you’ve never trekked or hiked before, you can easily navigate most points here. Hardier trekkers and hikers can look for more challenging terrain at the Har Ki Dun Trek, Dodital Trek, Nag Tibba Summit and the Yamnotri Saptarshi Kund Trek. Another must-do activity in Mussoorie is caving, in which you explore the hidden and accessible parts of mountains in the region.

  1. Learn how to make wine.

Sounds like a surprising thing to do in Mussoorie? It’s really not. In fact, vinification or wine making has become a serious business in these parts in the last decade. It is one of the most fun things to do here, especially if you have a few days off to explore and catch up with yourself. The hill station hosts many workshops on wine making throughout the year, and especially in the summer months when there are more tourists. You can learn how to make wines from apples, pears, grapes, plums and even ginger! The best part is, you can create up to 10 bottles of wine that you made with your own hands (this takes up to a month), and the recipes are shared with you in your inbox. If nothing else, you will come away after tasting several excellent wines here. Isn’t this a must-do activity in Mussoorie for you?


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