Is it Illegal to use a VPN in Dubai?

Dubai is by far the largest city for British and other western expats in the Middle East and has been so for several decades now. Due to the fact that up until the early 1970’s, the united Arab emirates was a British protectorate and so is very much integrated with British culture.

Many British TV shows are available via the local satellite provider OSN, however thee are quite often out of date and expensive. The best solution for gain access to British and American TV content when in the Middle East has always been via a VPN.

A popular VPN with British expats was always PRIVATRAX, as it is one of the few that actually unblocks BBC & ITV (which is rare with VPN providers now). For a few pounds or Dollars per month, you can switch your IP address for that of one in the UK or USA and access all TV apps from the western world at the click of a button on each of your devices.

This technology is fabulous; unfortunately there is a snag to it, for the past few years it has been illegal to use a VPN in the United Arab Emirates and enforceable with fines around 150,000 AED. This fine has now been elevated to 2 million AED (about half a million pounds). This has put many people off of using a VPN in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but there are still many who still take a chance and connect.

The question does have to be asked though, how can they find out? Well this is actually quite difficult. Most people live in hotel complexes with shared WIFI connections, that combined with the fact that it is actually very difficult to sniff out VPN usage let alone filter it, the chances of actually receiving a fine of this magnitude are actually very low.

So if you are willing to take a slight risk, then a VPN is still a very reliable way to watch BBC iPlayer in Dubai and other UK & US TV services. Netflix is of course something that is still being rolled out worldwide and when the Middle Eastern countries have their own definitive versions, there will be more choice on offer for viewing.

Fortunately VPN connections are very easy to get up and running on devices now and will work on 99% of laptops, tablets, smart phones and smart TV sets. The great thing about VPN technology is that it is not only perfect for TV usage, but also for privacy as well. When you are sitting behind a VPN, you are accessing the internet via an encrypted tunnel, making it virtually impossible for your data to be hacked, vital for if you are accessing secure apps such as PayPal or banking services when on a public WIFI network.

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