Learn How To Read Fast For ACP Test Preparation


Reading is fun but at times it can become a boring and stressful task if the reading material is lengthy. In case you have a pile of reading material which has a deadline. The question here is how to read fast and complete reading in a given timeframe. Lets discuss some tips to read faster. You can do things like reading just important parts, skipping less important chapters, etc. 

  • Skim through and scan for important information first
  • Stop reading in your mind because when you start reading the text in your mind when you slow down
  • Read the phrases rather than reading individual words
  • Read more and more to improve your reading skills
  • Use your finger to point out the lines while you read

These steps are very good and especially help in improving the reading skills of the kids. There are many reading tests and tools that can help and guide you to read faster and efficiently. 

ACT Reading 

The ACT is an exam designed specially for students to achieve good scores in English, Maths, Reading, and Science. The course has a 40-minute writing test for students, which is optional. The scores are based on the number of correct answers provided by the students. No marks are deducted for wrong answers or any guesswork. 

ACT Reading requires good reading skills. The section includes a 35-minutes test. It comprises of 4 reading passages and ten questions per passage. The reading passages include topics under prose fiction, social studies, humanities, and natural sciences. 

ACT Test Prep

You should always read what is in front of you and not look at the end or later pages. In these passages, the answers you will find the answers in the passage itself. Eliminate what is wrong according to you. The key is to find what is wrong in each choice.

Skim through the passages to save time. Pick the main points in the passages. Read the first and last paragraph, along with the topics. Do the passages that are the best. You can always go back to the ones that you think are good or are difficult to do. Do not waste your time getting stuck on one passage. 

Most importantly, do not panic when you start your ACT Test Prep. Stay calm and do your best. 

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