Kumarakom- perfect place for a loving honeymoon

Kumarakom is considered as the perfect honeymoon destination in India as it is an enchanting backwater destination to make your honeymoon more romantic. The place as its own beauty and charm as it comprises of island clusters which all around the Vembanad Lake. It is the most beautiful and picturesque tourist destination where you can reach easily through some of the best Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India. It is a perfect paradise for nature lovers as well as a treat to eyes for ornithologists. There are many tourist attractions to visit in Kumarakom. The city is also a perfect spot to enjoy many pleasant activities especially for people who want their honeymoon to be a mix of adventure and romance. You can enjoy strolling, boating, angling along with many short as well as quick treks available.  There are many honeymoon packages available to enjoy super cool activities not only for newly married couples but also for family and friends. The place not only offers unparalleled beauty but these exciting acti8vities also make it the most visited romantic destinations in India.

How to reach to Kumarakom

Kumarakom is very well connected to all means of transport as you can reach here by airways as Cochin International Airport is located just 85 kilometers from the city. If you plan out by railways, then Kottayam Railway station is only 16 kilometer from the town. Not to worry as regular buses of Kerala State Run Transport Corporation and is well connected to cities of South India.

Best time to visit Kumarakom

Kumarakom is said to be one of the most popular destination to enjoy the loving honeymoons. The best time to visit Kumarakom is between Novembers to February as during this time the temperature is quite moderate and perfect for exploring the area. Book your tickets by searching out some cheap Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India.  At this time you can enjoy houseboats rides, sightseeing as well as the scenic beauty of the area.

Things to do in Kumarakom

There are many things to do in Kumarakom; some are listed below for you:


  • Houseboat ride in backwaters


The honeymoon is the most critical time to know each other and for this residing in a houseboat with your better half is what everybody dreams for. One of the best things to do in Kumarakom is to reside in a houseboat and sail through the quaint as well as charming backwaters. You should plan a trip by selecting one of the best honeymoon packages to explore the jaw-dropping backdrop of the place. Romancing amid lush green plantations along the banks is what will make your honeymoon memorable.  Gorgeous Vembanad Lake is fully packed with tourist all year round just to rent a houseboat here a voyage in it. The houseboats have all luxury as well as essential amenities and which are run by professional agencies. It is the best way to explore the in-depth exquisite Malabar uniqueness.


  • Bird watching at Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary


Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is known among the must visit place for honeymooners, nature lovers as well as bird watchers. This heaven for nature enthusiasts is located on banks of Vembanad Lake and is home to many common and endangered species of migratory as well as residential birds. Here you can get a chance to see owls, parrots, Siberian cranes, Waterfowls, darters and many more species. It is undoubtedly one of the fascinating things to do here which will make your honeymoon trip unforgettable.


  • Revitalize yourself with aromas of Ayurveda


Kumarakom trip will be incomplete without soothing your senses and relaxing your soul, mind and body with aromas of Ayurveda. Maya Spa is on the top list when it comes to Spa as it is the perfect rejuvenation destination in Kumarakom. Here you can enjoy by experiencing a plethora of ayurvedic massages which will relax your soul. It is very much popular among tourists as they come here to enjoy their excellence in Patra Potala Swedam, Padabhyanga, and face massage, Shirodhara, Ksheeradhara, Udwarthanam and Njavarakizhi.


  • Watching Kathakali in Kumarakom


Exploring the culture and traditions of Kerala is must, and for this, you should watch the traditional dance form of the state known as Kathakali. You will enjoy for sure after watching this bold dance form having diverse facial expressions, dynamic mudras as well as an attractive and charismatic rhythm that make the atmosphere mythical and magical. Newly married couples should come and enjoy this dance form which is counted as one of the mesmerizing things to do here.


  • Trekking till Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall


Nature lovers and adventure lovers should try out trek till Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall which is considered as one of the adventurous things to experience. It is the best way to behold the best of nature and to make your honeymoon romantic. The site is a scenic and gorgeous tourist attraction in Kumarakom all surrounded by sedimentary rocks and rubber plantation. This is the must-visit places for trekking enthusiasts, nature lovers as well as wanderers. Honeymooners should not miss to trek up to the cascading waterfall to enjoy unusual green foliage along with sparkling streams plunging over the rocks.


  • Shopping at street markets


Shopping is must here as you should try and explore the local streets in Kumarakom to enjoy. The place as exclusive collections of embroidered screw pine mats, camel-bone carvings, bronze & metal statues, wood carvings, and Kathakali masks.  To enjoy shopping here plan your trip through some best Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India. If you are a foodie than you can enjoy the tempting Kerala cuisine which will for sure tempt your soul and your taste buds.  

 What would be better to enjoy your honeymoon phase amid romantic weather and beautiful landscape?   Book now with best India Honeymoon & Romantic Packages to enjoy the quality time with your better half and for warm and cosy honeymoon suits booking and to arrange comfortable means of transport.


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