How to Pick the Best Chandelier Lights for Your Home

The Secrets Behind the Best Custom Lighting Design

Chandeliers are often perceived as an old-fashioned type of light fixture. One of those lights you would see in movies where the story takes place long long time ago. The perfect pendant light for the Beast’s castle in Beauty and the Beast, the right fixture for most scenes of a Harry Potter movie.

That’s a pretty outdated way of seeing this fundamental type of lighting. But we can totally understand how you came to this idea. However, chandeliers are still one of the most loved type of lighting. They can add beauty to a home’s interior whatever the space is. You can actually use a chandelier anywhere you want, but only if you pick the one with the right design for your home. Even better if you can get the pendant lights you want that fit your budget.  So if you would like to get a chandelier to liven up your space, then, we are here to help you pick the right piece for your home. Today, we will give you buying guides for a chandelier. Check out the tips below:

What to consider when choosing the best chandelier lights

Not all chandelier lights are made equal. The design of the chandelier you want is as important as its measurements and quality. Let’s move step by step:


– Chandelier for a dining room:

There should be a difference in size between the chandelier and the dining table surface of around 12 inches (30 cm). The distance between the pendant light and the room walls should be at least 4 feet (121 cm), so that your chandelier can float with enough space around it.

– Chandelier for a living room or foyer:

Every foot of ceiling height should correspond to 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) in chandelier height. To find the chandelier with the perfect size you should add the length and the width of your room and convert the total to inches or centimeters. So in case your room is 12-feet x 14-feet (365 cm x 426 cm), you will need to get a chandelier with a width of around 26 inches (66 cm).


This is when the choice of the best chandelier becomes trickier. Numbers don’t lie. Once you have measured the height and width of your room and of the furniture you’re almost done. But it’s an eyesore when you realize that the chandelier you bought doesn’t match at all the style of your space. Almost like a contemporary building in a historical site or vice versa. That’s because a chandelier should feel like an extension of the style of that particular room. Anything but crystal chandeliers would look out of place in the halls of Versailles, for example. When searching for the perfect chandelier, think about the colors and the materials that define your room. Is the color of the furniture warm or dark? Is there natural light in that room? Are the colors of the ceiling, floor, and walls leaning toward bright colors or with neutral shades? Take all these aspects into consideration when looking at wood, beaded, crystal or metal chandeliers.


Buying a chandelier is a form of investment. You can find cheaper options online, but most of them are not worth your money (unless if you enjoy the idea of seeing that chandelier fall on your dining table sooner or later). Most of them, indeed. Because there’s a company that can make your life much easier by creating a custom chandelier for you. Needless to say, their chandeliers are made of high-quality materials and have a 5-year warranty.

How opting for custom lighting makes things much easier for you

There are companies out there that can make the chandelier you want, exactly how you want it. You just need to give them the design and the measurements of the light fixture you need. Shortly after that, they will send you a quotation and a more detailed drawing. If the chandelier is exactly how you wanted it to be, they can make it for you in record time. Take for example Showsun Lighting, the company which we have just mentioned in the paragraph about quality. They have 8 years of experience in custom lighting and they have supplied more than 500 projects around the world, including Hilton, Four Seasons, and other high-end indoor spaces. Showsun Lighting can create the perfect chandelier lights for villas, hotels, restaurants, and any other place you want to light up.



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