How to Choose Ideal Pearl Pendant Necklace?

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Pearls have been the Queen of gemstones for ages. Oldest pearl jewelry was discovered in Persian princess’s grave dating 520 B.C. In this way, many pearl collections were found buried in many Egyptian Pharaohs. Gems emerge from ocean, so are very sacred in many cultures.

During Roman Empire, a single pearl was capable to fund entire military uprising. In those times, pearls were owned by wealthy and royals.

In the twentieth century, this was transformed when Mikimoto Kokichi successfully created cultured pearl. Irritant gets injected in an oyster, who starts to generate nacre, which ultimately forms a pearl. Today, cultured pearls are produced on demand, so they are accessible and affordable. Visit to get a peek of the variety of pearls available on their online store.

Wearing pearl pendant necklace beautifies her outfit and look in a subtle manner. A single delicate pearl is versatile. It brightens your complexion effortlessly, when it is set-in high-quality gold metal. There is wide palette of pendant necklaces that will suit needs of every modern woman running errands or working or even a young lady who just graduated.

How to choose pearl pendant necklace?

Pearl pendant color

She gets to choose plethora of colors besides white to highlight her neckline. Consider your complexion and fashion style while choosing pearl pendant necklace.

White pearl pendant

Timeless classic single white pearl pendant with cold overtones look beautiful in a silver chain. In a 14k gold chain choose white pearl pendant having warm undertones.

Pink pearl pendant

Young and adolescent ladies, who wear casual clothes, find pink pearl pendant a great accessory.

Black pearl pendant

Adult ladies will find black pearl pendant go-to accessory for office wear. They even look striking when worn with nude shades knit sweaters or summer dress with plunging V-neckline.

Gold pearl pendant

Luxurious colored gem that shines and brightens your complexion. Basically, South Sea pearls are embedded in yellow gold. It beautifully compliments business attire as well as glams any evening gowns. Looks striking when worn at big occasions like weddings or engagement parties.

Fashion Style

Besides colors and skin undertones consider your fashion style. It means choose a pearl pendant that can be worn on majority of your outfits.

For example, if your style is casual then choose small pearl in neutral color to sport with casual clothes every day. Make sure the pearl is of good quality pearl, as it will make your skin glow.

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