How The THC Test Can Be And Is There A Hair Detox Shampoo For It?

THC, or the marijuana product a lot of Americans consume every day is a light drug that has a relaxing effect on our mind but at the same time, it is the hardest extracting drug for our body. When it comes to performing the follicle test, THC users should be the ones most worried.

The follicle test can find traces of drug use for the last 90 days. Three months since you consumed, the lab practitioners can see those particles. Of course, it’s not the same for every drug user. Those consuming regularly and more often will have a bigger chance to be caught while those who did it only occasionally might get by without being noticed. Learn more about the follicle test on the following link.

It all depends on the system and the metabolism every person owns. Some heavy users might have better results than others just because their hair grows faster and they cut it more often. Anyway, if you’ve been taking drugs and you’re about to do the mandatory examination at work, it will be best if you do something about it.

It’s really not clear why employers still insist on doing it when a lot of states are completely legalizing its use, but there we have it. If you want to keep your career you have to obey the rules and do what you’re asked to do. The test can’t be avoided so it’s best if you look for an option that will make you look like you didn’t take anything in the past.

Unlike the other types, the urine or the saliva options, the follicle test is practically impossible to cheat. Yes, the market sells shampoos that are claiming to solve the problem in a matter of a day or two but this is most often a scam. Almost all of these shampoos are not proven to work. A lot of people that were using them failed the test so it’s not recommendable to do it.

What is the best detox option?

There’s one shampoo that can make a difference. It is called Aloe Rid Old Formula. This is a shampoo that can be used as your everyday solution. It is not harmful and it isn’t damaging your hair like some of the products claiming to give you a fast solution for the problem. Check out WeedNews for more on this product.

This one is made of the same ingredients all other shampoos are made. The one that you’re using right now probably is made of the same stuff in over 90% like this one. However, there’s one difference that makes it work and get you cleaned from the narcotics. It is called propylene glycol.

This chemical substance is known for its ability to do magic for the hair on your head. It is capable of treating every single one by opening the layers that the hair is made of. When this is done, it allows the water and the cleaning substances inside to take away the narcotics.

Still, you need to know that this can’t be done overnight. You need to pay a lot of attention and spend a lot of time under the shower until you get to this stage. What does this mean? It means you’ll have to wash with it for at least three times a day and for as long as two weeks. If you’re a heavy user, this is completely necessary. If you’re a mild user and you only consumed a couple of times a month, you can get by with less.

Of course, knowing how serious this problem can be, it’s recommended to take the full action and don’t leave anything to the coincidence. Not taking proper care and only do a mild wash from time to time will get you a positive result on the test.

A positive result will mean getting a bad record and not being able to get another job again. Of course, unless we’re talking some minimum wage paid that shouldn’t be your objective in life.

How to be sure that you’re clean

This shampoo should be just enough. However, if you need to be completely and 100% sure, you can do the macujo method. What is that?

It’s a method of washing your hair and getting rid of toxins that combines a lot of products that you normally wouldn’t take seriously. It combines products like the Tide liquid detergent, the pink Clean and Clear, white vinegar, and the Aloe Rid shampoo. See details about this method on this interesting article:

They all have their role in this story. The vinegar and the Clean and Clean make your skin, or the scalp, more soft and easy for treating of the other solutions. The shampoo, of course, washes off the narcotic substances, and the detergent is adding an extra effect of damaging your hair which should provide extra caution when the lab practitioner takes a sample.

This method is the only way that is proven more effective than just using the Aloe Rid. If you open the internet, you can see so many people being satisfied with its effects. The combination has proven to be the best choice in the battle against this test.


When you’re facing the narcotic examination at work, you need to take that very seriously. The entire future of it depends on it. If you fail it, be sure that the consequences will be disastrous. Having a bad file and being listed as a drug user will completely ruin your career.

Lookup online to find the best product there is and think about your options. Think about whether washing with the best product is enough or you’re going to take the macujo option. Whatever you choose, make sure you take things seriously. That is the only way to be sure that you’re not going to fail and you’ll keep your job.

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