Glo Yoga Online For Flexibility and Freedom

Yoga is an ideal combination of exercise and self-care. It keeps you moving and active while also soothing and relaxing muscles and mind. But sometimes the stress of finding a class that meets at a time you can manage, driving to the studio, and finding parking can make yoga more frustrating than fun. Yoga online solves that problem for you.

Keep your body flexible with yoga online

If the thought of finding a local class that works for you is too daunting, or you just don’t want others to see you, yoga online can be exactly what you need.

Use Glo’s classes to keep your body flexible. Flexibility is crucial for avoiding injury, decreasing pain, improving posture and balance, greater strength and improved physical performance. Yoga is a gentle and easy way to keep your body flexible.

If you’re new to yoga online, Glo has a wide variety of classes for everyone from beginners to more experienced yogis. You’ll be able to find plenty of classes that will allow you to ease your way into yoga.

Save yourself some stress

Another of yoga’s great benefits is that it reduces stress and tension. In-person classes require finding a studio, finding a class that you can make time to attend, driving to the studio, finding parking, and attending class. This can be a big problem for people in rural areas where there may not be any convenient studios. You may also discover that the studios you find don’t have classes that work with your schedule.

Glo’s yoga online classes ensure that you can attend a class anytime you want. Feel like practicing the middle of the night? You can! Want to practice on your lunch break or right before bed? Glo’s classes make that possible.

Find the right teacher

Another drawback to in-person classes is how limited the teachers can be. You’re stuck with the ones working at that studio or teaching that class. If you don’t like their personality or their teaching method, you don’t have any other options.

Glo offers 40+ teachers. If one teacher isn’t your cup of tea, another one will be. Whatever style of yoga you’re looking to practice, whether you prefer a male or female teacher, you’re bound to find the right teacher for you on Glo.

Find a class for whatever time you have

In addition to practicing whenever you want, Glo’s classes also offer you the chance to take classes that are as short or long as you like. If you only have five minutes or just want to do some quick poses before a meeting, there’s a class that will fit. There are longer sessions, too.

Add classes that interest you to your library and favorites so you can easily find the perfect class for the time you have with just a few clicks. With 12 styles of yoga, and a variety of programs and courses, you’ll never be bored.

Break a sweat

If you want to go a little harder than some gentle yoga, try the yoga conditioning classes. Designed to help strengthen and tone your body, these classes will help you break a sweat no matter your current fitness level.

HIIT, flows, cardio fusion and more are found in the yoga conditioning classes. You’ll get a true workout, in the comfort and safety of your own home, on your own schedule.

Because you can take Glo’s classes on your own time, you’ll never have to miss a workout. With no excuses, you’ll be toning up and getting more flexible in no time at all.

Perhaps most important, Glo knows that your yoga practice isn’t just the time you spend on your mat. Glo knows that yoga is about living fully, which is why their classes offer you the tools and experiences that allow you to invest in yourself.

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