Fundraising Ideas for High School Clubs

Fundraising has a whole lot of huge benefits to offer the students and the school, far beyond what people ordinarily take it for. It is not only to raise funds, though that is the primary reason why fundraising ideas and strategies need to be implemented by schools. But if you go deep enough, there are many more benefits it presents the school with. And the good thing is, you have a plethora of options to decide from on what ideas and strategic programs can work best for you.

Fundraising methods from Fundraising Zone are the means through which a lot of schools out there are gathering funds pumped into their extracurricular activities that are making them stand out. Why then should you be leaving out your school clubs from taking these initiatives to carry out desired projects that will benefit the school?

Some of the unique advantages of fundraising initiatives are the leadership skills, the spirit of teamwork, community service, devotion, and a widened knowledge it further adds to the students. And this, of course, can’t be bought with money. So in as much as you are implementing the right ideas, the school has absolutely nothing to lose, but much more to gain. Let’s take a look at some of these ideas you can implement as a leader in your high school clubs…

  1. Talent show

Organizing a talent show is one of the best fundraising ideas for schools ever. And considering the fact that this is to be done by high school students, that should make it a lot easier because they can organize themselves to display their talents and creativity. Send invitations to parents and organizations, and make them make donations for every display by the students. You’ll be surprised at how much this idea can help you raise.

  1. Organize a general car wash at any school event

Suprise parents at a school event by making the students help them wash their cars and clean them in and out. Though, that doesn’t mean they necessarily have to do it like professionals because there might be too many cars available. Certainly, you are not only going to get a warm smile for this but cash as well. However, one important thing about this is to avoid naming a price. Just ask for any amount they can donate and be satisfied with whatever you get.

  1. Yard sale

Reach out to parents, students, teachers, local organizations around, and wherever else you know you can get donations in the form of items that can bring in cash. Through this, the students get to learn the art of doing business and entrepreneurship. What can make this a huge success is how well you promote the sale before the D-day.

  1. Gather Recyclable wastes

The students can gather recyclable wastes in the environment, like mobile phones, clothes, cans, bottles and more, and sell them to companies in need of them. This does not only generate funds but also teaches the students how to keep the environment clean through recycling and still make money for themselves. Whatever idea the students will be learning will stick for a lifetime, and will still be useful to them years later.

  1. Plan a Game day

Organize a game day that will involve parents, school staff, and students, in different categories. Demand a certain amount of money for anyone who wants to participate in the game and reward the eventual winners with a gift or part of the money raised. Be rest assured that the funds that will be raised will be worth the effort. You can try board games and video games, most especially.

Game events are always fun. You can get parents to teach the students outdated games and make them remember their own early years. The memory it will bring back to them will make their pockets leak some cash.

Fundraising activities are all about anything that works and can value to the students. But above all, be strategic with how you space your fundraising events to make it valuable to the parents who will make up the larger percentage of the donors. Demanding money too often will reduce the uniqueness of these ideas.

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