Durability of the mattresses: does it matter?

With continuous use, both the material and the structural elements of the mattress lose effectiveness. That is why it is vital to perform a basic maintenance of any mattress, whether cheap or expensive to prolong its useful life. Air it daily for 15 minutes in winter, and 30 in summer. Many manufacturers also recommend placing it at least 12 hours in a vertical position near a window at least once a year to homogenize its structure. It is also interesting to vacuum it once a month to remove dust, and mites that accumulate with normal use.

Keep these crucial facts in mind when you buy mattress online in India. With the current technology, the different layers of a mattress are designed to be used in only one position. So it is over to have to turn it over.

Essential aspects for choosing the mattresses

To choose a good mattress that guarantees your rest, and takes care of the health of your back, it is important that its materials are of quality. Many times paying more for something does not mean you will do your job better, and less on something as personal as a mattress. Basically, your choice will have to be based on 3 points – size, material and firmness. Let’s see how these characteristics influence when choosing the option you need and the best mattresses of each type.

Mattresses size – Mattress sizes and length will depend on your height. You can choose the mattress which is 12 – 15 cm longer than you for ultimate comfort. If you are going to sleep two, the tallest person is the one who will serve as a reference.

Mattresses material – Best online mattress in India consist of a quilted or similarly fastened case, usually of heavy cloth that contains materials such as hair, straw, cotton, foam rubber, or a framework of metal springs. Some higher price mattresses are also be filled with water or air.

Mattress firmness – Lighter sleepers need a plus size mattress in the 2-5 range on the firmness scale. Those who are weigh between 59 Kilos and 105 Kilos, generally prefer mattress with medium hard firmness which falls in the range of 4.5-6 range on the basic scale of firmness. Finally, the mattress should be between 90 and 110 cm wide to ensure that you can move comfortably without getting out of bed. If you want to buy the best Mattress in India, always buy them from genuine online store.





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