Why Should You Prefer Pearl as Gift?

Pearls are famous as a symbol of love. Most commonly, pearls can be traditional presents for the bride-to-be or during weddings. The other popular occasions when pearls are considered for gifts are anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and birthdays.

The other most important occasions to bestow pearls would be on some special achievements or any meaningful moments of life. It can either be graduation, promotion, birth of a child or any other accomplishments where pearls are forever reminder of certain significant occasions of life.

Mikimoto pearls have established themselves as very versatile and may accent in endless kinds of attire. You can find pearls in many kinds of styles and designs so carefully chosen in the right size, colour, strands and length for your beloved.

Pearls have few factors that decide the quality and its value. Main factors are:

  • Colour
  • Lustre
  • Shape

Lustre is decided by how the light will reflect from the pearl. Stronger the reflection, the glow will be better and the lustre.

Pearl with foggy surface with low reflection will be considered low lustre. They also come in different shapes and perfectly round are the rarer variety.

As colours of pearls are natural or treated hence, they are not a very significant factor. Though few pearl colours are considered as rarer than some others e.g. South Sea pearls. These South Sea pearls can be most expensive as they are the rarest having deep golden colour.

The other variety of pearls is Tahitian pearls that are generally called black pearls.

Akoya pearls are another variety, which are around fifty percent among the pearl industry. Usually they are used for pearl components and known for their quality as well as fine natural colours.

Another most common and inexpensive pearls are the freshwater pearls. They will generally have lower lustre and typically may not be perfectly round.

In any case, for any occasion pearls are considered as great gift. However, the best reason can be when you gift these pearls to someone and you also get a great peace of mind too.

Pearls are considered as classic that will never be out of fashion and always will be cherished.


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