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Three Ways to Style Your Iron Railings

Wrought iron railings are one of the most durable and versatile features that you can have inside your home. For hundreds of years, iron railings have been used to add class to houses around the world. Thanks to weather resistant coatings, they can be used both inside and outside the home. Here are three types and some style suggestions:

Classic Style

Are you interested in the most classic style of wrought iron railing? The clean lines and geometric spacing used here may be right for you. When you’re going for a classic look, the details matter. Simple styles leave nowhere for manufacturing mistakes to hide. Invest in quality. This is especially important for indoor railings.

To highlight the simple beauty of this style, you can keep the rest of the area streamlined. Go for solid colors over prints. Warm creams and earth tones can also balance out the cool, austere metal. Finally, if you prefer more visual interest, have a gorgeous hardwood handrail installed.

Nature Inspired

Nature inspired wrought iron has a lot of curves and visual movement. These pieces may resemble abstract twining vines, growing plants, crashing waves, and combinations. They will look dynamic and visually interesting while still retaining the natural durability of iron.

Because this style offers such visual impact, it works just as well outside as in. The curving lines and curlicues involved here go wonderfully in patio gardens. These pieces also bring a touch of the outdoors in, creating relaxed spaces. Because this is an ornate and eye-catching style, keep the walls simple so you don’t distract.

Geometric Style

Edgy or Art Deco inspired ironwork typically features sharp lines and repeating patterns. These may take up the entire railing or act as accents for other styles. Depending on how it’s constructed, geometric pieces may evoke exotic places or other eras like the Roaring 20s.

So how do you decorate such a bold style? Consider the space as a whole. Echo the pattern elsewhere, for instance in the room’s drapes or throw rugs. This will help unify your decorating style. Showcase the pattern itself with light colored walls and indirect lighting that will highlight the style.

Quality Ironwork At Competitive Prices

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