Hey, wait up! Planning to travel to Africa and haven’t planned where to? Well, I see this article can help you decide. Namibia tour is something you can start with to travel in Africa. Namibia is a country in Africa whose western border is the Atlantic Ocean. The largest city of Namibia is Windhoek. Windhoek is also the capital of Namibia. It is also referred to as the driest country in the whole Sub-Saharans. Back in the days, a lot of Bantu people immigrated to Namibia and since then, the Bantu groups have dominated this country. With all this information, let us see what it is actually like to travel in Namibia.

Just like the diverse culture, the landscapes of Namibia are extraordinarily diverse. Even if we talk about the wildlife, there is a wide range of wildlife you will get to see in Namibia tour. Namibia is considered to the safest country to travel to while there are very few tourists in there. The first language of Namibia is English, so it becomes easy for the tourists to travel around Namibia. You can begin by travelling by roads, taking a trip towards the Etosha National park. It is beautiful and it has a preserved land for the animals, diverse landscapes. The coastal desert of Etosha is something which attracts most people because of the elephants, lions, zebras, rhinos and a lot of other animals found there. The other main spot of attraction in Etosha National park is the large salt pan. It is so large that it can be seen even from the space. The park has accommodations inside it and also has restaurants and many decks for game viewing. Safarihub has the best Namibia Tour package.

Let’s talk about Windhoek. Windhoek is the capital of Namibia as mentioned above. Windhoek is the most modern region in Namibia. There are people going to offices, beautiful roads, the Zoo Park and many more things. The attractive spot for tourists is DaanViljoen Game Park. It is the most attractive wildlife park you will find in Namibia. You can spot some mountain zebras, gemsbocks, and hartebeests all in the desert hills of this park. The nights in Namibia are the darkest in the whole world. You can see the Milky Way shining bright above your head while you are out in the night. There is also a peculiar ghost town which falls in the middle of a desert.

There are many places more in the package to travel to while in Namibia Tour like Sossusvlei, which is a big sand dune you will find, the skeleton Coast, the Walvis Bay which is a flamingo lagoon of Namibia and many more.

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