Marketing plan for a recruitment agency

Overall, to succeed in a candidate oriented job market, recruiters and recruitment agencies require to come up with unique plans, strategies and need to market their firm in that perspective. For recruitment agencies, the companies looking for hiring candidates and the candidates, both are the target audience. In order to generate a continuous demand for candidates, the agency must have a great plan in place to let the ‘companies’ know that they have a pool of suitable candidates. Alternatively, to attract attention of candidates to their agency, they need a marketing plan that showcases the ‘elite’ list of companies they hire for!

Ideally, to put in place a marketing plan for a recruitment agency would require efficient planning on both the fronts: for candidates and for companies hiring them.

Last year, the top concern for staffing firms was attracting and retaining talent. This fact does not seem to be changing in 2019 too. The unemployment rate is expected to be the lowest this year. It has hit a low point of 3.7% which is among the lowest in the last 5 decades. It’s a known fact that the staffing industry has grown two times faster and the job market has seen a big boom. Projections for growth in 2019 are 2.4% and in 2020, they will hit a 1.9%. Due to advancements in technology, things are definitely going to change for the better. Automation and technology makes the recruitment processes much more simpler and smarter at the same time.

  • Staffing firms anticipate a 52% increase in tech spending
  • 23% rank as automation as a top priority
  • 72% of staffing firms will increase their technology budgets in 2019


When it comes to planning for marketing your recruitment firms, it all boils down to balancing experiences of both – candidates and companies. If candidates are happy, they will help promote your jobs and if your clients are happy your business gains more referrals.

So, how do you create a marketing plan for a recruitment agency?

To begin with, create communication – text, images and videos that sends out the core message that your firm wants to drive to its audience. It could be candidate specific messages showing them that you’ve got the best jobs in town to offer, or it could be companies specific that you can hunt down the right talent for their vacancies.

After that’s done, you can use the following to market your agency:

Print marketing

Print marketing has a very traditional approach and has a greater reach too. Brochures, Leaflets, flyers, billboards and such other advertisements that are printed and displayed have the highest reach. They grab attention more easily than emails that sit in your mail box – and sometimes accidently get deleted. Print ads Outdoor Posters, Booklet Printing, Z Fold Cards are a sure way of spreading awareness of your brand.

Media Advertising

You can also explore the options for mass media advertising such as television and radio. Although a tad bit more expensive (or a lot more expensive) than the other options, this kind of advertising is a perfect way to reach out to people in large numbers. Although there aren’t exact analytics available for such kinds of advertising, it is a sure way to run your awareness campaigns.

Word of mouth

While this is the oldest way of advertising, it is also the most effective ways. People almost always trust the ‘word’ of their friends and families. So, if your friend secured a job via recruitment agency ‘A’, you would automatically trust that they will be able to help you too.


In a world where everything revolves around the ‘web’, you website is your golden key to success. Promoting your website and driving more and more traffic to your site could give you enough traction to grow your business.

Digital Marketing

When we talk about digital marketing, we are essentially talking about many ways to market your agency. It includes, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) where, people searching for jobs as well as companies searching for recruitment agencies via search engines will see your website among the top results. This increases your website traffic and in turn helps you grow your business. Another way to market your business digitally is via Social Media – both organic and paid promotions. Social media activities could gain your business the audience you require. Platforms like LinkedIn actually have features for job postings. Recommendations by contacts on social media too create an impact and helps spread awareness of your business. Running PPC ads on search engines or running a lead generation campaign on social media with a simple form for those interested to fill is a great way to narrow down on what audience you wish to target. Start your marketing campaign with top digital marketing agency London and boost sales today.


As mobile devices become the primary means of access to the internet, users find it more and more convenient to quickly open up an app and get things done. In case of a recruitment firm you can make it easy for your candidates to apply for the open positions via a mobile app and for clients, you can make it easy for them to see all the candidates and instantly shortlist can contact relevant profiles.

The key to successful marketing of a recruitment agency is not only in spreading awareness and hoping they will come, but in creating opportunities for candidates and companies to connect with each other via your firm.

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