Important facts about Lyon cuisine and the best way to taste it

Lyon is the capital city situated in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in France. It is a small city that sees the meeting of two important rivers of France Rhône and Saône. The city has a cultural history dating back to some 200 odd years. The major part of the cultural history is devoted to the food, festival and arts. It is the cuisine of Lyon that has certain peculiarities about it. Some of the important facts about Lyon’s cuisine are:

  1. Most of the recipes were developed by women originally. Long after the commercialization of food joints happened that male chefs came into picture.
  2. A variety of foods are homemade in Lyon. Even some wines are prepared by old families of the city in their private vineyards.
  3. Lyon, because of its enriched cuisine, was declared as Capital of Gastronomy in 1934 by a Gastronorme Curnonsky.
  4. The city is packed with a number of well-maintained restaurants and cafes, situated on the riversides. All these restaurants boast of the menu comprising of local and authentic cuisine the city is known for.

How to enjoy Lyon Cuisine like a local

Food Tour Lyon is the best way to relish the food and wine culture of the city. This tour helps exploring the city leisurely through walking tours. The city is divided into medieval and renaissance streets, which actually form two different parts of a tour. Both parts culminate at the city center. On the way, the tourists get to explore gardens, museums and other monuments of historical importance while taking breaks at food joints and family run cafes serving pure, authentic Lyon cuisine.

So, book a food tour to Lyon when you have planned a visit to France. This city gives you the raw taste of French culture and cuisine searching which you come to this part of the world.

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