How to Find and Work with a Book Cover Artist

Despite what the popular saying says, most people will still judge a book by its cover. You want to have the best possible cover for your book. If you are self-publishing, then you have to go through the process of finding a book cover artist because designing your own cover can be a challenge. You don’t want to design your own cover, since you want the best possible design and without some talent it can be tricky.

Finding a Designer

Looking at books by other indie artists can help because most will credit the book designers on the cover. If you are looking on Amazon, you can use the “Look Inside” function since the artist listing should be in the acknowledgment of books you like. Take a look at book design awards. This can be helpful to learn what is going on in the designer space. You can also find designers there because you want designers who will connect with your genre. You can also ask other authors for a list of their recommendations. Some authors have put together curated lists of vetted book designers.

Tips for Working with a Designer

Once you have found a designer you want to work with, then the first step is discussing how you will work together and working out project details, such as price. The price you pay for a book cover will depend on what you are asking. Lots of designers will do an off the shelf cover and this may only cost $100, while others designers will go up to $500. The price can also go up much higher if you want custom work. Some authors want to invest in custom work, especially in the fantasy genre. It’s important to discuss this upfront so both you and the designer know what is expected and what you are getting into. You will also want to discuss the number of versions that are allowed in the process. Choosing a designer who works in your genre and has great testimonials will help cut down on the number of revisions that may be needed. Be sure to pay your designer promptly. This can help create a good long-term relationship with the cover designer or anyone else you are working with.

Give the designer the information he or she needs. One of the first things you want to tell them is the name of the book. The designer will also need an idea of the genre and what category it would be found in the bookstore. Browse some existing covers to give examples. The designer is not going to read your book, so you need to give the information that is going to be relevant. When giving feedback, make sure your feedback is specific for the best results.

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