Fossil watch vs Casio Edifice: Which is better?

There has been a constant debate between the traditionalists and the radicals whenever the topic of which is better came up. The same is true when it comes to watch enthusiasts. They are broadly divided into two kinds of people: the traditionalists who love the watches of the olden times and the radicals who look for innovation and technology for their wrist watches.

It’s important to note here that both of them have their  pros and cons and both have certain limitations to their use cases. But both of them are equally loved by their users. Before moving further, let us dissect the two categories and find out which watches belong to which group. There’s analog watches, the older quartz watches which go tick with every second. These are the ones which traditionalists love. Then there are smart watches with their integrations with smartphones, a treat for the radicals.

Now that we know what watches belong to each group, let’s look at some features of both of them before you and I start judging each other for the choice we have because in the end, it’s the time on the watch that matters more than the watch itself, and we don’t have enough of it to discuss things we cannot agree on.

We will look at two good contenders from both categories. The champion of the analog watches will be Casio Edifice, and the champion of the smartwatch will be fossil smartwatch. These two have gained enough love from their respective fan bases and would be an obvious choice for a fight with the other category. They are both strong and that’s the similarity between them.


Both of them have their approach to style. While Casio edifice is sturdy and robust, while Fossil Smartwatch is a little simpler and easy on the design. The former was made for rough usage, while the latter is only suitable for a little less work and delicate hands, the lack of which could easily damage the smartwatch.


This is a no brainer; any analog watch would weigh more than a smartwatch, and these two are no different. It is mainly because of all the gears and mechanical structure of the analog watches while the smartwatch is made using integrated chips made of plastic. Both are equally effective when it comes to work, but one is heavier.


Casio Edifice has a stopwatch and a few other complicated features in their subdials or auxiliary dials. These are a few additional features in these watches. Fossil smartwatch,  on the other hand, has a ton of features when compared with the Casio Edifice. It can track heart beats too. Clearly, smartwatch gets more points in here than analog ones.



Both these watches could be worn at any occasion, formal or casual. Their simplistic design and gentlemanly cut make it look like responsible machines and compliments’ a man’s presence. Both of the watches are ‘gentlemanly’ and are a good call for all occasions. However, you could wear fossil smartwatch when you go running while you cannot do so with Casio because even if you try to do it, the weight would keep you worrying.

As you saw, both of these watches have their strengths and weaknesses, but they both are pretty good at what they do: please the wearer. It all comes down to only one thing. Taste. People with a taste only like what they like. No amount of good stuff from the other side appeases them.

No matter how many comparisons are made, the traditionalists would always like the analog watches, and the radical will always like the smartwatches. There’s no way of changing that. We can only debate about it or eternity or make peace with the fact that we can agree to disagree, that there are always people who wouldn’t like the same things we do and make the same decisions we made. We cannot all be true, and we don’t have to be. We could be our imperfect biased selves. After all, we are only human.

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